Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Equipment

December 1, 2012

Whether you are new to the motor biking scene or are looking for the perfect gift for the biker in your life, if you’re looking to purchase new motorcycle clothing it helps to keep a few hints and tips in mind before you part with your hard earned cash.

When it comes to motorcycle equipment and clothing there is a wide range of items available on the market today and if you are new to the scene getting kitted out in the best clothing can be a daunting prospect. It may help to think about the way you ride, how often you ride and the kind of weather you go out in before you make any decisions. One major tip is to be aware that a lot of items have been designed, first and foremost, to look good. Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look stylish while you’re out on your bike, but don’t forget that it is the protection that these clothing items give you that is the most important thing. Looking stylish is great, but if you happen to have the misfortune of being in an accident, clothing that can protect your body is what you really want.

Things to Consider When Buying Motorcycle EquipmentProtection in the right areas
Though coming off your bike is the last thing you want to think about, accidents do happen and commonly affect the lower half the body, in particular the legs and lower torso, so choosing the right motorcycle leathers is really important. Look for items that are made from high quality leather and have additional reinforced areas or extra padding for both your knees and hips. You may prefer to buy an all in one motorbike suit which will avoid any part of your body being on show should you fall, or alternatively try to find a pair of trousers and a jacket that can be attached together as this will add to your safety.

Like your suit or trousers, your motorcycle jacket should be carefully considered. Again, don’t be swayed by good looks if the material or level of protection isn’t right. You will need a hard wearing jacket in a thick, yet flexible high quality leather and you will need to protect your arms and chest area in particular so extra padding here, as well as at the elbows and shoulders, is really useful. Like all your motorcycle leathers, your jacket should be snug fitting both for your own safety and to keep you warm while riding, but you should never be restricted in movement so make sure you try items on before you make a commitment to purchase.

Plenty of choice
Leather is the most common choice of material for motorcycle clothing, but there are a number of other great fabrics out there so have a look around and see what works best for you. There are a number of big name brands available on the market, such as Alpinestars, Arlen Ness, Berik and Dainese so it might benefit you to see what they have on offer, but like any kind of shopping, look around as there are many other makes that offer just as good quality items for a fraction of the price.

Emily Hall has been an avid biker for many years and enjoys nothing better than taking off on her motorbike. When she isn’t off riding on her bike she is busy searching for the latest motorcycle leathers and biking equipment and likes to share her findings by writing for a range of motorcycle websites and blogs.

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