Things to consider before choosing a dance camp

November 19, 2012

There are a lot of reasons, why one must consider attending a dance camp in summer or winter vacations. But how to consider a dance camp for learning to dance is still a dicey question. Thousands of dance schools have mushroomed in different states of the US and more and more are coming up every day. Just like S. T. Coleridge quotes in his poem Ancient Mariner, “Water water everywhere,
not a drop to drink”. Here are a few factors and parameters to consider before you choose a dance class for yourself. Just ask yourself a few questions before hunting down a dance academy.

Things to consider before choosing a dance camp

Why do you want to learn dancing?

Some learn dancing for fun and some for losing some extra weight. Choose a dance school that serves your purpose well. If you want to opt dancing as your career, then focus on institutes or organizations offering academic year sessions with a certificate or degree in performing arts or any other degree related to that. If you want to lose weight, you must choose a place, where you are guided well about your diet and other health concerns.  Some want to join dance classes, to kill the monotony of their daily routine and others want to socialize with people of their age.

What dance forms you want to learn?

If you are married, you might consider asking your life-partner to become your salsa partner. Those who are single may like to learn hip hop, jazz, belly dancing. Girls would like to learn belly, unlike boys who would prefer hip hop and be boing. Choose a dance class as per your interest to learn a particular dance form. There are dance institutes that are popular for teaching a particular form of dance. For beginners, a dance camp that depicts several kinds of dance including tap, jazz, and ballet are a good start. Getting registered in a socialized school, will help you achieve your goal faster than enrolling yourself in a general dance school.

How much money do you want to spend?

Now there are different dance schools which charge different fee from dancers. It entirely depends upon how much expenditure you want to incur on your passion. Some programs can be very expensive, so check for the availability of scholarships and any other types of assistance. Remember, you would also be need some money to buy the dancewear before getting yourself enrolled for learning a particular dance style.

Can you commute for a dance class?

If you want a dance class, at a stone’s throw from your place, then go to the nearest and get yourself registered. But if you want to
learn it from a specific dance academy, you must look for a convenient way of commuting. Some dance companies, do offer the facility of a hostel for dancers, who live in other states or on the other side of the same city.

Keeping the above things in mind, would really help you in choosing a perfect dance school for yourself this time.

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