The street food culture in London

July 5, 2017

London is most definitely turning out to be the street food capital of Europe. The sheer variety in taste and prices make sure that your stomach and your heart will be full by the time you have completed sightseeing in London.

The prices at these stalls and restaurants make sure you do not have to cash in your Gourmet Guide Restaurant Gift Cards any time soon.

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House of dodo, Kerb king’s cross, lower marsh market

This Mauritian food joint offers light and frivolous flavours that gently play on your tongue. The king slaw, fluffy rice and the delicious stews are the best picks from the joint. You can get a whole Creole Chicken rice box from Dodo’s at just £6.

Bittenclub, Flat Iron Square

This brings the lesser-known Asian pleasures to the bustle of the busy city. Bittenclub brings Banh mi sandwiches with a French twist. Fresh bread sticks with stuffed, crunchy green veggies, chilli and meat, compose their star recipe. If you are there, do not miss the Honeyed Duck Confit on a plush green bed of coriander and garlic pesto.

Burger and beyond, Kerb Camden

This is a fresh take on comfort food by a farmer and gamekeeper. Start with the Cliff, this one is a Burger, and Beyond classic that is made from a 90-day aged chuck and brisket. Do not miss Hot Mess at £8.50, which brings a dedicated crowd to B&B every weekend.

Sheng High

The succulent soup dumplings come from Shanghai. They come with a meatball filling in a chicken soup spiced with chilli flakes, dark soy and serve with dipping vinegar. Felix, the owner, has worked in Hakkasan and Yauatcha. His experience in the oriental cuisine makes burning your tongue while eating Shengjian Bao delicacy worth it.

Luardos, Kerb King’s Cross, Brockley Market

Like a blast from the past, Luardos brings the fattest, juiciest and the most delicious burritos to London’s market. The chicken stuffing is poached in garlic and bay. The pork filling is slow cooked in classic style with orange rinds and fennel. The traditional smooth and pungent green guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Monterey Jack cheese and cool, crunchy lettuce join hands to create the perfect meal consortium. You can get a whole chipotle brisket burrito for just £5.

Smokin’ lotus, Kerb King’s Cross

This is another gem in the crown of the Kerb King’s Cross market. The Smokin’ Lotus serves Asian barbeque platters. Meat, rice and the traditional smoky flavour complete the meal at their outlets. The Japanese creamy potato salad is a delight. For just £8, you can enjoy a whole portion of their siu ribs, slow cooked and charred for eight long hours.

London’s food markets have it all. From the best to the weirdest (and still the best), you can find all kinds of cuisines from all around the world. Walking down these markets is a delight for the senses since you will be caressed by a different flavour at each turn. Stall hopping is the best way to enjoy a casual day.

Author Bio: Kelly Myles is a food blogger who was born and brought up in London. She has been working with some reputed publishers for reviewing niche, underground cuisines and restaurants in London. Follow her to win Gourmet Guide Restaurant Gift Cards.

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