The Secrets to Picking out the Perfect Promise Rings

February 1, 2016

Who said that you have to spend a fortune in the name of buying a promise ring or even an engagement ring? They can be quite expensive but then with the advent of internet technology it is easier to find affordable options. Shopping at your local store is going to make your search for the perfect ring difficult. It will also be quite hard to pick out a ring without having to rob a bank so that you can take it home with you. Just like engagement rings, you will have to spend quite a bit of money on the promise rings but when you shop online everything tends to be cheaper.

Pick out the perfect promise ring

A promise ring is meant to symbolize a commitment to something. More less than often it is exchanged between lovers. However sometimes it can be exchanged between friends as well. The goal is that you must have a promise that you intend to keep. For instance a young couple might be committed to keep their relationship running for as long as they possibly can but then they are not ready to start planning for marriage. They will exchange these rings.

Getting a high quality ring will be quite hard though. You do not want to spend a lot of money only to get poor quality items, right? This is why you should shop from the likes of Daniels Jewelers and other similar jewelry stores. There are so many online jewelry stores and so it helps to check out their credentials. There are some that have been in existence for decades now. Try as much as possible to find those sites that have been around for a really long time.

Shopping for promise rings does not have to be such a complicated activity. There are multiple options to select from and for this reason you should be more of spoilt for choice than stressed because you cannot find something you want. The things that you should be considering include:

  1. The metal to use

The metal used on the promise ring is going to be dictated by the gender of the person who will wear it. Rings for women differ greatly from those that are worn by men. While men prefer metals like titanium and tungsten, women are blown away by the likes of sterling silver and yellow gold. The best option for most women is sterling silver because for starters it is ‘sterling’. The metal’s brilliance makes it a popular option for many people. Yellow gold works for some women as well but it tend to be a bit costly.

  1. The stones for décor

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds- if you can think it, it is probably available for you online. The stone that you choose to go with will be dictated by your tastes, preferences and of course budget.

  1. Setting of the stones

The solitaire setting with its classic look is the first thought that comes to most people’s minds when they thing of promise rings. However an eternity band with gemstones running all around its circumference is also a good option to work with.

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Sylvia Cher is a jewelry lover. She is the kind of person who will stock up her jewelry box with a variety of jewelry pieces from bracelets to statement necklaces. She is particularly fond of rings and has one or two promise rings that she purchased online.

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