April 6, 2013

Surprising your girlfriend with that perfect engagement ring is just amazing. If you wish to plan a surprise without your girlfriend knowing about it then the Diamond Manufacturers will give you advice on how to buy the ring of her dreams in secret.

Marriage is a long term commitment and a bond of love and fidelity. Asking your girlfriend to marry you should be one of the best moments of your life, but it can be quite taxing to plan a surprise if you share a house or spend a lot time together. The most important part about popping that question is getting her that perfect engagement ring.

Buying the best possible ring can be easy if you know the simple tricks on getting it out of her. So before you bend your knee to the woman you love, plan the perfect moment step by step.

What does she like?

Pay attention to her. Just look at what kind of jewellery she wears. What she prefers, whether she likes vintage pieces, classy ones or bold styles. We are sure she must have dropped hints time and again on what kind of ring she wants and what she likes. If you have paid attention to her then its time you put those hints to use.

If your partner has preference for a specific metal, such as silver, white gold, yellow gold or platinum do make a note of that. You definitely wouldn’t want your girlfriend being allergic to the engagement ring. If she likes to stack up rings then giving the metal that matches her other jewellery is advisable.

It’s traditional and exquisite to present a diamond engagement ring when you propose but if she likes to do things differently then there are alternatives, such as other gemstones or plain rings.  Gifting a ring with her birthstone can also be endearing.

Since you have come to us, we are assuming that your partner has made it clear that she wants to own a pretty diamond ring only. So try to find out what cut and carat she wants. This ring will be on her at all times so just get the perfect design.

The jeweller

A jeweller plays an important role in buying any jewellery. An expensive jewelery doesn’t necessarily mean the best so care must be taken while to ensure quality. Try and visit a couple of places look through the designs and the price range. Then check whether the jeweller you have visited is registered with a society, association, or organization that regulates, certifies, etc., jewellers, such as the National Association of Goldsmiths in the UK. Ask your friends, colleagues for trusted jewellers around if it helps.

Engagement Ring - Proposing

A mock ring

If you have already proposed your girlfriend without the ring then you are probably lucky that she has accepted your proposal without a ring. Jokes apart, now your job is much easier. You can either take her shopping for the ring she wants or take into account her preferences.

You can also design the wedding ring with the engagement ring. You can custom make it with your partner’s ideas and purchase two options that complement each other perfectly.

The Diamond

Diamond jewellery has always been favorite with the ladies. The main element of the ring is the sparkle. The carat weight, the cut, shape, setting, cost are extremely crucial while choosing the right diamond. The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance so choose a cut that highlights the design perfectly. There are variety of shapes and shades that you can choose as well. white gold diamond engagement rings

Get some help

Men find shopping for their lady love’s a difficult task. For the right amount of motivation and help, take a friend you trust along with. Friend you trust cause you seriously wouldn’t want your secret out. You can take help from her family members; best friend or colleague as well as they might know secrets about her choices more than you do.

If you are checking online for tips and options then make sure that you delete all your browsing history and site visits. The plan is to surprise her, remember?

Get the right size

Imagine the situation where you are trying to fit the ring on your girlfriends finger and it’s either loose or too tight. You definitely wouldn’t want to be in that situation.

Try to measure her existing rings or steal one of her other rings from her jewellery box, after all everything is fair in love and war. If not, ask your girlfriends mother, sister or one of her friends to help you out.

Most diamond manufacturers provide free lifetime resizing. You can always get it altered at convenience without hampering the design or the appeal of the ring.


If you have ordered the ring from an online store then you have to really be careful as the package would require you to sign the delivery document.

Engagement rings bought from most diamond manufacturers will be packed securely by the professional team to ensure utmost safety of the ring. The package generally won’t have any details of its content.

You can also ship it to a different address for your convenience and maintaining the secrecy.

What if she doesn’t like it?

The best part about the online shopping is that you can return the ring back. If she ends up not liking it or if there are any issues then you can either replace it with another option or get a refund, the choice is yours.

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