The Right Way To Lace The Skate Shoes

November 22, 2012

A person fond of skating must also be well aware of the precautionary measures which must be followed to ensure safe skating. There are a few things which one needs to consider before going for skating. From head to toe, this sport requires a lot of exercise. Therefore, one must be wearing a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and properly laced skating shoes as well.

Majority of the people pay no heed to the fact that proper skateboard shoes are required for the proposition. They just give attention to other precautionary tools. The fact is that if you do not have the proper skating shoes, you may not be able to skate in a proper manner. For this, you need to select the best pair for you. The right skating shoes contain good padding on their ankles; therefore, you must purchase the shoes with extra padding.

Skate Shoes

How To Tie The Laces Of Skate Shoes:

Besides purchasing the right kind of shoes, you must know the right way to lace your skate shoes. Here are some steps which can help you in doing so:

  • You need to ensure that the lace must be equal in length on both left and right sides. Insert one end on the left bottom hole and the other end on the right bottom hole. Both sides must be equal in length for perfect lacing.
  • Insert the laces in such a way that they form a cross shape in the middle of the shoe. Insert the lace in the left second bottom and take it out of the hole and then insert it to the right second bottom hole. It will form an X shape.
  • Use your index finger to tie the laces. You will get equal length of the lace on both the sides if you will be following this step.
  • Continue inserting the laces until the holes are finished. Multiple X formations can be seen now in your skate shoes. Do the same with your other shoe.

How Can You Make Double Laces On Your Skate Shoes?

  • Take the lace and start inserting it on the left bottom holes. Now instead of inserting it on the right side, insert it on the next alternative right side hole in such a way that you leave a hole empty in between. Do it until you reach the last hole of your shoe.
  • Now take the other lace and start inserting it on the alternative holes and keep on doing it until you reach the end of your second shoe.
  • Now that both of the laces are available to you at the end of the shoe, they are ready to be tied in to knots. You can tie them in any way you desire.

Both of these methods are easy and quick. You must try them out before you go out for skating as it really needs to be done with care and safety. Besides some practice beforehand will do you good and make it easier for you to do it on snow.

You must have learned how you can tie your skate shoes from the above article. You can find the best footwear from etnies Australia at very good prices and reasonable rates.

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