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January 31, 2013

An article looking at the importance of the right shelving and racking for storage and warehousing and how this is now widely available to buy online.

Clutter. Nobody likes it, but somehow everybody seems to be surrounded by it. Most of us regularly sort through our homes and garages, earmarking things which can be sold at a car boot sale, given to charity, sold second hand or passed on to friends and family. Bring clutter free can make us feel more organised, less likely to lose things, more likely to use the things that we can easily see and reach. The same principle applies at work, maybe even more so. Keeping a tidy desk with an organised filing system can help you work more efficiently, more quickly and more effectively. And if you run any type of business which needs storage solutions, then it really is important to consider all of your options.

Wooden Shelving

Wooden Shelving

Meeting every requirement
You might just need a few shelving units to keep your files and documents neat and tidy. Or you might be running a major warehousing operation and need rows and rows of shelving,racking, cupboards and containers. As with most things today, many of your storage needs can be met online, with a growing number of retailers selling their products directly through their websites. This can help to keep your costs low and most companies can deliver quickly   sometimes they will even offer a next-day service   and even help you to assemble the products when they arrive.

Using your space wisely
You need to think carefully about where your storage will be best placed. If we’re just talking about a couple of shelves then it is simply a case of finding enough space to house them without them getting in the way, but so they are easily accessible for anyone who needs to get items from them. However, if you are setting up a larger warehouse then you need to measure up carefully and use every last area to best effect, with shelving,racking, boxes and containers. Most companies will sell different sizes of the same product, so you can add smaller units onto the end of a bay, for example.

Inside or out?
If you are putting your shelving and racking outside, then of course you will need to make sure that it is suitable for being outside in the elements. Rain, snow and sunshine can all have a detrimental effect on certain types of metal, so you need to choose galvanised materials that are specifically designed to withstand all types of temperatures and weather conditions.

Many people are put off from getting new storage for their offices as they worry it can affect the aesthetics of the place. Well, most contemporary storage solutions can be tailored to fit in with your existing workplace, streamlined and professional looking in most instances. Most storage companies will also offer extras as well as just shelving and racking. Steps, tool chests, workbenches and floor mats are just a few of the other items you will be able to source online.

So whether you are trying to furnish a workshop, warehouse, office or home with storage solutions, the internet is a great place to start to source your items.

James Thompson is a former warehouse manager who now specialises in storage and space solutions, such as shelving,racking and containers, writing a range of blogs and articles on the subject. He lives in Somerset with his family and enjoys walking, jogging and spending time in his garden.

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