The Only Hair Extensions Care Guide You Need

January 29, 2019

If you have access to the internet, you certainly won’t have a shortage of advice on how to care for your hair. From washing and styling to trimming and treating it, there is a lot you can do to care for your natural hair, but what do you do about your hair extensions?

People tend to assume that they can care for their hair extensions in the same way that they care for their natural hair. Knowing how to care for your extensions will ensure that you can enjoy them for as long as possible – these tips should help.

The Ultimate Care Guide for Hair Extensions

Adopt a gentle washing technique

Everyone washes their hair differently and once you fit your extensions, you’re going to need to make some changes. You can massage your shampoo into your scalp as you usually would but now you will need to avoid the areas where your extensions are attached. If you will be using conditioner, avoid rubbing it into your hair – smoothing it over works much better.

Review your brushing techniques

Brushing your hair incorrectly is one way that you can ruin your hair extensions soon after fitting them. To prevent this from happening, you will need to comb from root to tip using a wide tooth comb. You will also need to be very gentle or you could end up loosening the bonds of your extensions.

Watch the heat

Once you have extensions, you will need to learn to use less heat on your hair. Before styling your hair, set your styling tool to one setting lower than you usually would if you want to extend the life of your hair extensions. It’s also crucial to use a heat protection spray or serum for an extra layer of protection.

Only use a stylist for hair extension removal

You can really damage your natural hair if you attempt to remove your hair extensions at home. You might think that you’ve found the perfect DIY product to do it but this is very risky. Your extensions should last about 3 months but if you decide that you want to remove them sooner, rather schedule an appointment with a professional.

Forget the DIY hair dye

If you feel the need to change the colour of your hair extensions, never attempt to dye them at home. Dying your hair at a professional salon ( means you’ll have access to quality products and the expertise of a professional who can match your colours correctly.

Be careful when storing your extensions

If you have decided to purchase clip in hair extensions, find a good place to store them. Clip in extensions should be stored flat and in an airtight bag. If the extensions are fairly long, use a ribbon to keep them in place.

Plait your hair before bed

To avoid any tangles in the morning, rather plait your hair before you go to bed. Another option is to place your hair into a top knot.

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