The Modern Man and His Sense of Style

January 22, 2016

Today’s man represents a whole different breed from the generation of our fathers and grandfathers. He is more sophisticated and takes great care of the image which he sends out to the world every day. Gone are the days when all the fashion men could think about was the traditional suit and tie or a casual pair of blue jeans, a baseball cap and a pair of worn our sports shoes that have seen better days coupled with an equally worn out sports t-shirt.

The modern man has a wardrobe almost as full as his wife’s or mother’s. In an age where image is everything, men have realized that in order to be successful, they have to dress for success. They have come to realize that smelling like a man is not sweat and body odor rather, it’s musky cologne that will turn heads and show sophistication. There are various versions of this modern man and below I will mention a few of them.

  1. The Chief Executive

This type of modern man has in his closet a large collection of well-fitting designer suits. He does not take chances with his form of attire at the work place. You will find most of them having their suits tailor made by a personal tailor. His shirts match his suits perfectly and are blended to perfection. This type of man is usually a bit older and therefore more often than not, married. He will invest in a high quality designer mens wedding band that will not only show off his lifestyle but one that will also show character and style.

  1. The young corporate man

There is a second type of gentleman whom we refer to as the younger, corporate type of man. This man goes for a weekly salon appointment where he will get his hair cut, his nails manicured and his beard trimmed up nicely. This man’s main goal is to one day be the chief executive. He therefore tries his very best to match up to his ideal by ensuring that he dresses for success. Since he is much younger than the chief executive, he is more open to try out colors and will more than likely have a brightly colored shirt to match his suits.

  1. The eccentric man

This man is very liberal about his ideas of fashion. He does not necessarily conform to the societies’ standards of what is appropriate. He will put on a shirt that he prefers whether it has a female floral print or has bright unflattering colors. This is the type of man who will put on jewelry to the office or wear open-toed shoes with his jeans on dress down Friday.

  1. The fashion misfit

We are always going to find a fashion misfit among the men we encounter. This is the type of man who does not care much for fashion, style or appearance. He will simply jump out of bed, put on what suits him and leave. In an office setting you will recognize him by his plain, plaid suits and equally boring shirts which he will have in rotation for most of the year.

The world is full of diverse and different personality types and different perceptions, but one thing remains the same, first impressions really matter and these days, one cannot afford to be casual about his appearance.

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Gerald Mathews is a retail sales manager and supervisor at In his line of work, he has interacted with different types of men from all walks of life.

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