The Five Hottest Hairstyles For 2014

May 15, 2013

No matter how much things may stay the same, things really do change on a regular basis, especially hairstyles. Last year’s most amazing look is today’s “so five minutes ago” hairstyle from hell, which is why it’s so important to stay abreast of current trends in styling.

The Five Hottest Hairstyles For 2014

The Five Hottest Hairstyles

This year has already brought forth a wealth of new or updated styles, which are so good-looking they qualify as “hot.” In the interest of staying up to the minute and looking great, here’s our list of the five HOTTEST hairstyles for 2014, as least so far!

The Updated Ombre.

Last year, the “Ombre” look was all the rage. This style involves a two-tone look on shoulder length hair, with color that is darker on top and swept into blonde highlights on the ends. Done well, the look is fetching, but it can be a bit severe. The solution? The updated Ombre, which blends the blonde highlights more, to create a more natural looking transition.

The Angular Cut.

This cut involves a lot of layering, to create an attractive face-framing effect. This style works well on a variety of face shapes, from square to oval, and looks best when the angles in the hair have a swinging feel that creates movement. Actress Kiera Knightly currently sports a very fetching side part angular cut that frames her lovely face nicely.

Orange Red Hair Color.

Part of this color’s current popularity may come from Christina Hendricks, star of TV’s “Madmen,” who wears this shade so wonderfully. Bright and bold without being harsh, this red looks lovely on very light skin tones. Alabama cosmetology schools and schools across the west coast are refining their coloring techniques to apply this color perfectly.

The Pixie Cut

The shorter than short pixie cut is back, and it’s charming as ever. This cut is easy to maintain and shows off the eyes and neck beautifully. Cosmetology schools in Huntsville Alabama, New York, New York, and Hollywood, California are all clamoring to learn how to style the perfect pixie. Actress Anne Hathaway is currently sporting a great look in this cut.

The Curly Updo

Actress Jennifer Lawrence wore her long hair curled and swept into a goddess-like updo for the Academy Awards, and her sensational look would have turned heads even if the hadn’t won an Oscar. Gorgeous!

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