The Cruelty-Free Approach To Guiltless Beauty

October 9, 2013

Taking one look into the animal testing industry can leave you reeling for days. But with such a widespread selection of products that support the mistreatment of animals on supermarket shelves, is it possible to look beautiful and boycott all brands that your conscience is firmly against? Of course! It’s not as hard as you might think.


Not all of Lush’s products are vegan, but there’s a wide selection available that are. Everything has been made from natural ingredients and nothing has been tested on animals. It’s a great touchstone for high quality products. A new addition to their fantastic beauty range is their makeup. So check out a whole treasure trove of moisturisers, face masks, and perfumes in-store; the staff are always bubbly and eager to help.

The Cruelty - No Animal Testing

Supermarket Options

Hey, we know how awkward it is to hunt down toiletries that haven’t been tested on animals (and what’s with that extortionate price tag?). Fortunately for you, there are plenty of widespread cruelty-free products available in supermarkets that will cost you little to nothing and deliver great results.

We can’t recommend Original Source enough. They never test on animals and they clearly brand many of their products as ‘vegan.’ They’re also totally into their fairtrade. Depending on which product you buy, you can usually find a bottle for around the £2 mark. This is such a popular brand that many people don’t realise they’re buying cruelty-free beauty.

Another fantastic supermarket product is Treacle Moon. These guys are also against testing on animals. You can get a selection of reasonably priced products, from body butter (highly recommended) to body scrub.

Makeup Choices

Don’t worry; you don’t have to renounce all makeup, if you’re going for cruelty-free beauty. There are a number of vegan-friendly beauty companies that offer great products. For example, Beauty Without Cruelty has a whole range of fantastic options, from liquid foundation to eyeshadows.

Go Vegan

Going vegan is one sure-fire way to drop all ties to animal cruelty and stay beautiful. It helps you regulate your weight and will give you a healthy glow, if you eat well. Read this article for some fun tips on how to make the move and check out the Vegan Society for some solid info. You’re going to need to know your stuff to stand up to every meat-eating troll that finds out you’re vegan. (You have moral logic on your side, we promise).

And, for those days when you’re struggling and need to hear a friendly voice, TheVeganicWitch is an amazing YouTube source that’s informative and reassuring on the bad days.


The great thing about making your own beauty products is that you know exactly what goes into them. And it can be cheap and fun to create your own at home. For some DIY beauty treatments, all you need to do is search online for some great recipes, but try starting here. Why not have your own cruelty-free spa session at home?

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