The Chandelier Challenge: What to Wear with Exquisite Chandelier Earrings

November 7, 2012

One of the most elegant earring styles one could wear are a pair of chandelier earrings. These are long and ornate earrings that dangle from an earring base. This could come in the form of a stud, clip-on type or a normal hook. These earrings were designed to enhance a woman’s face and neckline. So what would be a perfect outfit to match these attractive pair? The following are three tips when wearing these gorgeous, glimmering pieces of art.

Chandelier Earrings

  • V-neck/ Open-necked shaped Formal/Casual Attires (Suit)

Since most chandelier earrings were designed to dangle from the earlobe down to the base of a woman’s shoulders, wear something that would show a little bit of skin on those areas. V-neck or open-necked shaped tops/dresses/gowns are perfect. As long as these dangling jewelry pieces don’t touch your shoulders or dress, then there’s no problem. This helps highlight your earrings and emphasize the area on your face down to your neckline, making even the simplest dress elegantly beautiful.

  • Scrunch it up (Hair Style)

Most of the time, women make simple mistakes when matching jewelry with their hair styles. Chandelier earrings showcase the area between the earlobes and your neckline. If you’d like to flaunt your chandelier earrings with most of your face, neckline, and upper chest area, scrunching it up with a little bit of style would be best. Now this adds a little more chic and sultry temptress in you.

  • Accessorize (Bracelets, Anklets, Rings, Necklaces, Lip rings, Nose rings, and more…)

With so much attraction focused on your earrings, you might want to tone down on facial makeup. Simplicity is a key consideration once you’ve made a decision to wear “loud” chandelier earrings. Yes, you can still make use of your bangles, bracelets, anklets, rings, and any other accessories below your neckline, just never above it. I mean, imagine having large, dangling, glimmering, ornamented chandelier earrings on a scrunched up hair style with an open necked formal gown. Don’t make a mistake of pairing it with a choker or a necklace, or anything on you neckline area. I think you get the idea, yes, it would look weird and it will catch too much attention.

To sum everything up, the best advice is to keep things elegantly simple. Chandelier earrings are meant to highlight your face, neckline, and upper chest area. Look your best by wearing it simple.

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