The Best Style and Fashion Advice for Guys

November 4, 2016

“Stylish men are hard to find” Is it true or it is just a cliché? Perhaps it is too categorical, but it is certainly true that when you bump into a stylish, properly dressed man, you definitely notice him. Apparently, men are less interested in fashion than women, for many reasons. They wear a suit just to go to work or to weddings, considering a cloth a sort of tool you use when strictly necessary: in their opinion men’s fashion is just a way some guys use to strut about, lacking other, more masculine, qualities to go noticed. Doesn’t it sound a bit simplistic? Men’s fashion has a long and interesting history and it can really boost men’s personalities. Men should learn more about fashion, enhancing their own style and masculinity without the need of strutting about!

A few tips for men caring for their appearance

  1. Wear your age.

Every age has its own strengths that should influence the dressing style of men. Yet it is quite common to see men dressing like teenagers and teenagers trying to look more mature than they actually are. The former look odd when not ridiculous, the latter implausible. Teenagers and students should look trendy and modern, spreading freshness, curiosity and joy, while mature man should have a more masculine, stronger and more purposeful look.

  1. Details, details and details.

Details matter, they are not mere trifles. A detail, even a small one, can actually be a game changer in many situations. A limp or approximatively made tie knot can completely ruin the charm of a classy suite, while a couple of unique lapis lazuli cufflinks can decidedly boost it. Both cases will represent a signature or a mark on your future styling reputation.

  1. Stay away from fashion.

Elegance and style are timeless in men’s wardrobes, while men fashion trends are ephemeral and often not suitable for everyday life: avoid the footlights of the fashion world and go for pieces that enhances your personality and masculinity.

  1. Beyond casual, but not just classic.

Wearing always in the same way, classical or casual, gets boring and, in the long run, it quenches your thirst for caring about your appearance. A balanced mix of classical and casual encourages you to develop new ideas to always update your style.

  1. Go shopping…without shopping!

Visiting trendy and expensive store is always a good idea: of course, you don’t have to buy anything, but looking at different clothes, styles and brands offers new perspectives on quality in tailoring and materials, providing as well new hints to develop your own style. Men usually consider visiting shops wasted time, but I warmly suggest you to see it as smart investment instead: exceptionally giving up your tennis hour or buying an essay online won’t ruin your shape neither your student’s career. On the contrary, a sensible improvement of your style can rocket both of them!

  1. Make your feet smile!

Have you ever walked for hours with a too tight pair of shoes or with not-waterproof footwear during a rainstorm? Can you remember the discomfort, the irritability and the grimaces of pain? Shoes are important, they are not just accessories. To wear comfortable and well-made shoes allow you to be confident and relaxed when walking, boosting your best eye-catcher appearance!

  1. Take care of your stuff!

A crumpled dress, a felted sweater or dirty shoes give you a shabby aura, decidedly lowering your style rating on a date, an exam or a job interview. Moreover well-kept clothes and accessories last longer, making you spare good money!

Just a starting gate, an invitation to open it and discover the fascinating world of men’s fashion, its lights and its shadows. The web gives off tips, hacks and different perspectives on how a man should look: don’t take too seriously and play with them without giving up your inner being. In this sense clothes and accessories are tools to make your personality emerge.

The Best Style and Fashion Advice for Guys

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