The Best Flowers For Your Girlfriend

September 29, 2012

Women love to be cherished and appreciated with romantic gestures and surprising gifts. They also value beautiful things, which express their femininity and gentleness. But more than anything women love being surprised with a small and meaningful present on an ordinary day. There is no better way to show your love and adoration to your girlfriend, than to give her a bouquet of elegant and beautiful flowers. A bouquet of  passionate red roses or elegant orchids have always been considered the best presents for holidays like Valentine’s day , when we honor and celebrate the love. Men prefer to give flowers to their wives on anniversary as a sign of love and appreciation. However, there is nothing better than to give beautiful flower to your girlfriend on an ordinary day and without any particular occasion, but just to honor her and express your love.

If you want to surprise your beloved lady, and show her how much you love her, here is a list of flowers that will convey your feelings in the best possible way.

Best Flowers For Your Girlfriend

Best Flowers For Your Girlfriend


Alyssum flowers symbolize the beauty of a woman. Giving these flowers to your girlfriend is like telling her that, she is beyond beautiful. These flowers have a small shape, which make them so elegant and gentle. You can choose among a variety of different colors like , yellow, purple , pink and white. Although, all of these colors are stunning, the most elegant and sweetest one is purple. Purple Alyssum make the best bouquet for your girlfriend for any occasion.

Baby’s Breath

If you want to show your girlfriend how happy she makes you, baby’s breath conveys a feeling of joy and contentment. These are the most stylish and graceful flowers of all, which makes them a perfect present for a woman. Because of their unique shape and elegant colors, baby’s breath is often used for a wedding bouquet. Imagine how happy your girlfriend will be, when you give her this magnificent bouquet. Baby’s breath reminds us of  gentle snowflakes, which make them so unique and elegant.

White Carnations

Symbolizing pure love and innocence, white carnations make a very good choice when you want to express your feelings. White carnations are a classical sign of love , and they also represent the innocence and purity of a woman. Their excessive beauty and unique gentleness will make every woman feel loved and appreciated. White carnations have always been among the most favorite flowers for a woman, because of the elegance they represent.

Purple Gloxinia

Remind your girlfriend, that your love is a love at first sight. These are exceptionally beautiful flowers , with a shape which no other flower has and the color purple makes this flower even more unique. Purple Gloxinia makes a very good present for your girlfriend , which will bring more beauty and elegance to her life.


The Heliotrope flower is a symbol of devotion and eternal love, which makes them a perfect present to express your feelings. White heliotrope is very gentle flowers , which represent the tenderness of a woman. With their vanilla fragrance and perfect white color, these flowers can be the best surprise for your girlfriend.

Flowers By PostIf you are wondering what could be the best way to show your girlfriend how much she means to you , the list of ideas of flowers in this article will help you make the best choice. Depending on what feelings you want to convey and what you want to say to your girlfriend, you can choose among these flowers. Remember that, flowers are a symbol of womanhood , which makes them the perfect present.

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