The Best Cars for Women

January 5, 2013

Most drivers are shopping with the same basic set of concerns when they look for cars, such as good gas mileage, safety, and long life. Once you get beyond the essentials, though, men and women bring two completely different sets of needs to the table when looking for the best vehicle to meet their needs. For instance, men may gravitate more toward vehicles built for speed and power, and women often look for rides with a stylish appearance and the best possible safety features to meet their needs. Not all women are alike, of course, and every lady has different requirements when vehicle shopping. Factors, such as whether or not a woman has a family, her commute length, and the type of driving that she plans to do in her car, make all the difference. We know all women have different concerns, and some female shoppers want a big truck with a lot of horse power. But if you are looking for rides that are most popular with the fairer sex, look no further than our handy list below.

Pink Cars for Women

The Best Cars for Women

Volvo S40

This European-engineered compact car is a popular choice for women auto shoppers. Its sleek design both on the interior and exterior make quite a fashion statement. The interior panels and dash have a rich appearance, with lush seats and a slim console. The car’s engine features Volvo’s famous smooth yet powerful ride. The S40 comes with a choice of two different engines. The turbocharged five-cylinder option is sure to satisfy girls with a need for speed. This car comes with an automatic transmission, which is often more popular with female consumers.

The Mini Cooper

This stylish little car has been a global trendsetter for decades. It first emerged in the last years of the nineteen fifties, and its trademark look has changed little, thus allowing this small car to capture mid-century glamour for a contemporary audience of car shoppers. This vehicle was first manufactured in England, but its new generation cars are manufactured by German auto giant BMW. This car is quite a hit with the ladies because of its easy handling on all road types, speedy travel, and enviable German engine. The icing on the cake is the wealth of personalized options to make this car your own. An array of bright color choices in the paint job, changing colors of lights on the interior, a stylish trim, and a sleek, retro interior seal the deal with girl auto lovers.

The Toyota Prius

This option ranks high among women who want to save some cash and those who care about the most important woman of all, Mother Earth. It has the durability and long-life that have made its Japanese manufacturer a popular choice around the world. The Prius uses both electricity and gas to power its engine, thus cutting down on visits to the fuel station. It does not offer the stellar crash-test ratings boasted by many of its German competitors, but the Prius does come with up-to-date safety features, such as back-up cameras. An ease to drive and to park because of its smooth handling and small size, the Prius is here to stay with female shoppers.

Kate Simmons is an avid car fan and occasional blogger on topics related to cars and automotive technology.

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