Peep Toes and Strap Sandals: Getting Stylish Is Easy

No dress is complete without the perfect footwear in place. Trends in women’s shoes and footwear change every season just like dresses, and as such, you need to know the shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe against all odds. While heels and stilettos are evergreen style statements, you can induce a fresh […]

5 Awesome Shoes For Summer

Say goodbye to those heavy boots! Between all the barbeques, bonfires and pool parties in your future, you’re going to need some sweet sneakers to see you through summer’s greatest pleasures. If you’re ready to toss those ugly flip-flops and give your feet something better, here are five great shoes for the new season. 1: […]

Cowboy Boots – Dos and Don’ts

Recently stylish boots have made quite a comeback on the women’s fashion scene. We can spot different designs and styles of boots right from celebrities at red carpet events to the teenager walking down the street. There are many celebrated companies that are known to add a unique and trendy touch to their cowboy boots. […]

How to Choose the Best and stylish Basketball Shoes

Many people see a basketball shoe as more of a fashion statement than a functional piece of footwear. After all, the basketball shoe has risen to the pinnacle of style, with certain brands fetching high prices and creating a million dollar niche in the shoe market that was not previously possible. However, for those playing […]

Moccasins or Sport Shoes Which one should you go in for!

Usually individuals don’t just have one pair of shoe. You deserve more if you are a fashion conscious person. The changing trends have also changed the sense of using shoes. In earlier times, everyone just had one pair of shoes which used to fulfill the necessities. But now-a-days different collection of shoes meets the requirement […]

Buying Branded Shoes for a Throwaway Price Was Unimaginable Till Now

Common man would love to own branded products if he can afford it. Usually the companies that have a niche branding in the market for their products sell them at a very high price that people in middle income group can pay for. They relate branding to product quality for those who are brand conscious […]

Different Types of Boots for Women

Leather boots can be worn in any season. Whether you like to wear above-the-knee boots, ankle boots or medium-sized boots, there is bound to be a pair of boots for women out there to suit you. Check out our style guide to find out more. Short Boots: Ankle boots were big news in the fashion […]

Online shoes shopping for men and women !

Everyone loves to wear different kinds of shoes, and the models differ with every brand. Few of those models can be pricey, because of its weight and brand name. However, when you move on to the branded ones, it’s comfortable and appealing. You have several brands in the market that advertise shoes for men and […]

Choosing the Right Shoe for the Occasion

When you’ve got a special occasion to attend, picking the right outfit can be tricky, and then there’s the matter of shoes! Whether you need inspiration before you head out to buy a new pair of high heels, or you just want to know which of your existing footwear is suitable – here’s a guide […]

Tips for cleaning your smelly New Balance Minimus shoes

Everybody belongs to the world of athletes, must have heard of New Balance shoes. This is America’s fourth largest athletic shoes manufacturer. And Minimus is one of the most popular brands of New Balance shoes. New Balance Minimus was designed and manufactured not only to chase the current trend, but also to satisfy the sports […]