Why designer wedding sarees are fast gaining popularity

The saree and a wedding don’t exist without each other. The two have to be present for the wedding to take place. Today, there are many options to choose from when it comes to Indian wedding wear. It is unique and holds special meaning to the ceremony. For any person who has been to an […]

Saree State: Types Of Sarees Across India

Sarees bring out the true beauty of an Indian woman. Sarees are versatile, making them perfect for wearing to traditional functions like poojas and weddings, as well as for formal events like business meetings. As an Indian woman, your wardrobe can only be complete if you have saress of different styles and from different states. […]

How to Get Stylish Knee Length Dresses and Saree Options

You can wear knee length dresses for casual events, when going to work or during special evening occasions. Women have a wide selection to choose from and an array of styles that are ideal for all occasions. When choosing a dress, it is important to consider the style and design of the dress in terms […]

Sites to Visit to Buy Dazzling Sarees Online in India

Talking about Indian attires that can make any Indian women look wow, there are only few options such as Suit Dupatta, Saree, lehnga choli etc. Indian women looks best is traditional attires only and these dresses have the tendency to enhance their demeanor in an earnest way. In today’s era, when all the women like […]

Designer Sarees: Taking The World by Storm

The saree has been around for ages, but in recent years, it has caught the eye of international celebrities, and this has elevated it from a traditional everyday garment to a fashion statement. Hollywood actresses, famous sports icons and pop stars are among the celebrities who have chosen to be seen at events draped in […]

Indian Fashion: Sarees to Lehengas

You’ll have to agree that Indian fashion has come a long way, evolving with the changing times and trends. While many would still consider fashion in India to be restricted and limited to plain ethnic wear, the truth is far from it. There’s no doubt that sarees are an essential part of Indian attire, worn […]

How New Trends Setting in Bollywood with Designer Sarees

Designers Sarees are making a comeback into bollywood. But frankly, they were never away to begin with. Popular images of bollywood heroines wooing their beloved onscreen by wearing a chiffon saree are vividly etched on our minds. However, designer sarees have made a huge impression recently as the Indian fashion industry has decided to look […]