Male Celebrities

Male Celebrities

C. V. Raman Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers & Biography

C. V. Raman Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers & Biography : Here we are sharing latest collection of Best High Definition C. V. Raman Wallpapers. Download and share these latest collection of C. V. Raman Pictures, Images, Photos & Wallpapers with your friends. C. V. Raman, was an Indian physicist whose work was influential in the growth of science in India. He was the […]

John Wisden Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers & Biography

John Wisden Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers & Biography : Here we are sharing latest collection of Best High Definition John Wisden Wallpapers. Download and share these John Wisden Pictures, Images, Photos & Wallpapers with your friends. 🙂 John Wisden, was an English cricketer who played 187 first-class cricket matches for three English county cricket teams, Kent, Middlesex and Sussex. John Wisden was born on 5 September 1826 Brighton, Sussex, […]

OUATIM 2, OUATIM Again First Look ft. Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan

The first look of upcoming bollywood crime drama movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Again ( known as OUATIM 2, OUATIM Again) featuring Akshay Kumar and Imran Khan is leaked.  Akshay Kumar will play the role of Dawood Ibrahim in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai 2. In the leaked picture of OUATIM Again, Akshay Kumar (Dawood Ibrahim) and Imran Khan […]

Celebrities with Diabetes

With 347million people in the world and 25.8 million people in the United States being affected by it, Diabetes is a disease that is being diagnosed in an exponentially increasing number of people every year. It is no wonder that the disease does not leave celebrities alone, with a lot of them falling prey to […]

Even Celebrities Lose Their Identity: 5 Celebrity Identity Theft Cases

Celebrities live the high life; enjoying parties, famous friends, more money than they can handle, so we all look at celebrities like they are a different breed of people. However, celebrities are just like you and I. They buy groceries, take their kids to school and do normal, everyday things. They are also subject to […]

The Best Looking Famous Facial Hair Styles

Style is such an individual thing, although some style conscious folk might bemoan the prevalence of huge, multinational clothing and accessory stores such as H&M, Zara and Topshop. While these places certainly have a wide range of clothing styles on offer, they can lead to people of a certain age walking the streets of various […]

Miriam Makeba Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers & Biography

Miriam Makeba Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers & Biography : Here we are sharing latest collection of Best High Definition Miriam Makeba Wallpapers. Download and share these Miriam Makeba Pictures, Images, Photos & Wallpapers with your friends. 🙂 Miriam Makeba (known as Mama Africa),  was a Grammy Award-winning South African singer and civil rights activist. Miriam Makeba was born on 4 March 1932 Prospect Township, Johannesburg, South Africa and Died on 9 November […]

What Celebrities Are What Sign?

Everyone has a star sign and we all know that our signs state who we are, the type of people we are and what we enjoy doing. From the originality of the Aquarians to the organized structure of the Virgos and the outgoing personalities of the Sagittarius. David Bowie David Bowie is one of the […]

The Top 5 Celebrities on Instagram

Instagram Instagram is one of the fastest growing popular social media sites revolving around photos. It started with a small photo sharing application on iphone that was later purchased by Facebook. Even before that billion dollar deal by Facebook, the two pop stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were the most popular celebrities with more […]

Famous Spectacle Wearers: 10 of the Best

A pair of glasses can be a real fashion statement and many celebrities have made a distinctive pair of specs a central part of their outfit. We’ve picked out ten celebs that have put glasses at the centre of their signature style. Nowadays a trip to an optician isn’t just an important part of making […]