Makeup – Beauty

Makeup and Beauty

Gel Nails: A Good Choice for Getting Beautiful Nails

Fashion is something which is always followed, whether it is clothes, accessories or any other thing, if it is in fashion than every other person should be using it. Different brand offers different products; the market gets full with all the varieties as the demands increases. The latest trend in the town are the gel […]

Facial Treatment Review in Hindi | Methods of Facial

Facial Treatment soundarye ke liye bahut achhi homemade treatment hoti hain. Isse tan or mun dono ko aaram milta hai. Facial karane se skin delicate or fresh dikhayi deti hai. Isse blood circulation thik hota hai or muscles bhi tone up hote hain. Facial dry or wrinkle wali skin ke liye bahut hi labhdayak hota […]

Best Homemade Face Masks, Packs Recipes In Hindi

Prakartic Face packs istemal karne se tvacha me aaye badlav ko aap khud mehsus krenge. Inse na sirf chehre tvacha me kasav ayega, balki tvacha iss jhulasti hui garmi me bhi bilkul tajaa or jawan dikhegi. Agar aapki tvacha achanak se dheeli ho gai hai ya fir badti umar si dikhne lagi hai to ye […]

Making a Change – How to Revamp Your Style

Most people lead very busy lives, balancing the demands of work and family every day. Because of that, it may feel like your appearance stays basically the same. This can feel like being in a rut: the “same old thing”, as the saying goes. If you ever feel like that, it is time for a […]

Five Easy DIY Makeover Tips

We’ve all seen the makeover shows. Dramatic haircuts, hair coloring and new wardrobes can drastically make over a person; however, by knowing a few “do it yourself” tips, you can create a whole new look with very little effort. Eyebrows It’s true that a nicely shaped pair of eyebrows makes a face. Eyebrows can show […]

Some Useful Suggestions for Face Painting

Kids of all the ages love to paint their faces. Sometimes they want to be ghosts while some other times animals. Let’s see how we should paint the faces of kids with great care. Use the Paint carefully- Professional face paint is not a very cheap thing to have. So you must not waste it […]

How To Choose The Best Scent That Represents Your Personality?

Fashionable women are well aware that perfumes can significantly enhance their beauty and personality. Choosing the perfect scent that defines your personality is not an easy thing to do. There are so many factors you need to consider. This article helps you find the best scent that suits your fashion style and personality. How scent […]

Current Nail Polish Trends – 5 Colors To Try

For the current spring season, nail color is just as important as clothing and accessories. Getting a great match to your skin tone can be the perfect finishing touch for those fashion conscious ladies. While it may not break the bank, having this stylish accessory is a must have for the current spring season. Here […]

Hair Dye Tips

I, like many women, can vividly remember the first time I dyed my hair by myself. I was 15 years old and decided that it would be a good idea to turn my light brown tresses to a bright shade of firetruck red. My mother, never one to stifle my creativity, simply rolled her eyes […]