White Wedding Bands for Men

Most of the men never really wear any piece of jewelry but they got to wear a wedding band anyway. The wedding ring is the most important thing to be purchased for wedding because one can get married without a wedding suit but not without a wedding band. Following the latest trends we have moved […]

Where To Find Stunning Indian Wedding Jewellery

When your wedding day finally comes around, you’ll want to look and feel beautiful, and you can do this by accessorising your dress or wedding saree with stunning Indian wedding jewellery. Before you start looking for your jewellery, make sure you know what kind of jewellery you want to style. Wedding Jewellery Inspiration There are […]

Fashion Necklace

Most of the woman around the globe love to wear good quality necklace. Some of them regularly check fashion necklaces and they want to keep themselves updated with the latest trend. Necklace is an important thing for women as it adds to their beauty. It is an ornament that prettifies the overall attractiveness of a […]

Revamp Your Guy’s Style with Men’s Jewelry

Is your man looking more schlumpy than hunky these days? While it may not be as dire as a ratty t-shirt and sweats scenario, oftentimes men can get stuck in the same wardrobe rut, wearing a variation of the same outfit day in and day out instead of trying new trends and expanding their look. […]

Precious Blue Sapphire Gemstones and Jewelry

Of all precious gemstones, the stone that has remained a favorite for antiquity is the Blue Sapphire. The enchanting blue stone is often a preferred choice for engagement rings and other exquisite jewelry, adored by women all across the globe. The precious gemstone – Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is an aluminum oxide. They are […]

Fashion Jewellery: Perfect to make statement for fashion conscious men and women!

In ancient times, wearing jewellery made from wood was in the vogue. As the time passed discovery and innovation of metals redefined the jewellery products radically. Additionally, professionals started to set up companies specializing in selling gold, silver, platinum jewellery etc. With the invent of stock exchanges, some of these metals even started to trade […]

New York Is a Diamond-Selling Paradise

New York City is known all over the world for quite a few different things. It is known for its sheer size and population when compared to other cities, and for its huge buildings that touch the sky. New York is one of the few places where you can grab a hot dog on the […]

Diamonds To Add a Charm to Your Beauty

Most women desire to own diamond jewelry. When it comes to luxury jewelry pieces, diamond charms are the most popular. Just imagine how it feels to own something that can make you look more beautiful! Diamonds are available in different designs and styles, so you can find one that suits your needs. Whether you plan […]