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The Amazing Mokume Gane Jewelry Designs

Have you ever heard of the mokume gane jewelry-making technique? Most people have not. The name is a little hard to remember so it isn’t much talked about. Mokume gane is an ancient Japanese  “wood grain metalworking technique” and is pronounced moe-koo-may gah-nay. It was originally developed to make high-end swords (1651-1728) and ultimately became… Read More »

5 Ways to Show Off the New You

You’ve been working out, eating right – now it’s time to show off the results of your hard work. Here are 5 ways to make the most of the new and improved you. Take the opportunity for a wardrobe upgrade. Depending on how much your body has changed, you may find that the majority of… Read More »

Spring 2017 Style Guide: Men’s Jewellery

The bright days and warmer weather of spring are finally here, meaning that now is also the perfect time to update your look ready for the new season to come. Spring cleaning and getting rid of old garments that you no longer wear is a great place to start – plus you’ll be making extra… Read More »

Indian Jewellery Rich Of Culture and Beauty

Summary: Depending on your preferences and personality choose jewellery that will make you look FAB. Jewelleries to Indians has dependably been more than just decorative embellishments for enhancing the beauty of their bodies.  The adornments portrays the evergreen Indian tradition , the rich cultural heritage of the nation along with the dramatic changes which Indian… Read More »

Simple, Everyday Chic: Using Classic Diamonds

It has been a trend for the current fashionista, to take varying kinds of jewelry and stacking them on top of one another; large and loud statement pieces with formal jewelry, and various other materials. It is an age of contrast, and this is what we make of it. It does not mean, however, that… Read More »

Looking Stylish Tungsten Rings? This Will Help You

Tungsten rings are fashion rings that are also a trendy option for men and women’s wedding rings. They are stylish with their shiny appearance and well known strength. Tungsten rings are available in both classic and modern designs. They have much more to offer than their visual appeal owing to the numerous benefits they provide… Read More »