Foolproof Ways to Hide Hair Extension Clips

When it comes to your hairstyle, extensions are a fun, versatile way to mix it up – as long as they look like the real thing. Hairpieces allow you to instantly add volume, length, and even curl, but you want them to blend seamlessly with your own locks. Here are some tips for making sure […]

How to find the right size of hair curlier for you?

Hair is like a jewel that embraces women beauty. Hair curler is a tool to make certain cosmetic changes to make them look beautiful and appealing. However, with the availability of several tools on the market, often users feel confused about choosing the best one that actually serves the purpose without causing damage to hairs. […]

Having a Bad Hair Day-Go Back in Time and Borrow from These Classic Cuts

Truth first; if there is one thing that gives ladies the creeps it must be how to wear their hair. For men, things are quite simple though these days they also have to be fashionable. This is the reason consistently churns out nuggets of wisdom on how best to deal with bad hair blues. […]

Perfect Prom Hairstyles to Try Out in 2015

Preparing for prom starts with the perfect dress right down to the perfect shoes. This also includes your fabulous make-up look and your ultra-chic hairstyle. To style your crowning glory into the perfect glam look for this night to remember, check out these trendy hairstyle options for Prom 2015. Go for a dreamy vibe with […]

When Your Hair Needs a Little Help

There are times when your hair simply won’t cooperate. Whether you have not been blessed with the length and fullness that you desire, your hair has begun to thin, or you are dealing with baldness, you may find that your hair needs a nudge. Hair products alone are not going to fill in the gaps, […]

Hit the masquerade ball in stunning style-By these Hairstyles

Opt out these fancy hairstyles to hit the masquerade ball Who doesn’t love an opulent masquerade ball? These kinds of parties are not just fun, they’re an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to hide their identity and just enjoy precious time with their loved ones. Mardi Gras celebrations are held around the world. […]

Top hairstyles to complement your wedding dress on your wedding day

The days before a wedding can be particularly stressful for the bride as she tries her best to juggle with the numerous activities that form part of the big day. If you are a bride-to-be, you will realize that there are a million things to look after like deciding on the seating arrangement, the type […]

The Five Hottest Hairstyles For 2014

No matter how much things may stay the same, things really do change on a regular basis, especially hairstyles. Last year’s most amazing look is today’s “so five minutes ago” hairstyle from hell, which is why it’s so important to stay abreast of current trends in styling. This year has already brought forth a wealth […]

6 Easy and Stylish Hairstyles

Most women like to put a great deal of efforts to look good every day. Their hairstyles create a major impact on their personalities. Some like the tom boy looks, while others prefer looking more feminism.  It’s not in vane when people say, the way you look outside, determines the way you feel inside. Given […]