Peep Toes and Strap Sandals: Getting Stylish Is Easy

No dress is complete without the perfect footwear in place. Trends in women’s shoes and footwear change every season just like dresses, and as such, you need to know the shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe against all odds. While heels and stilettos are evergreen style statements, you can induce a fresh […]

5 Awesome Shoes For Summer

Say goodbye to those heavy boots! Between all the barbeques, bonfires and pool parties in your future, you’re going to need some sweet sneakers to see you through summer’s greatest pleasures. If you’re ready to toss those ugly flip-flops and give your feet something better, here are five great shoes for the new season. 1: […]

How to Choose the Best and stylish Basketball Shoes

Many people see a basketball shoe as more of a fashion statement than a functional piece of footwear. After all, the basketball shoe has risen to the pinnacle of style, with certain brands fetching high prices and creating a million dollar niche in the shoe market that was not previously possible. However, for those playing […]

Gain Confidence and Stay Fashionable by Wearing High Heels

Every woman desires to look beautiful all the times. She dresses up well and makes every effort to match all the accessories like jewelery, shoes, watches, belts, etc., that add to her glamorous look. If you are the woman who wants to remain in with the latest fashion trends, then to boost your confidence levels […]

How Does Your Shoe Reflect Your Personality?

Whoever thought that shoes could give a quick insight into a woman’s personality or mood? No matter how much you do your cover ups, you’re shoes’ style, color and shape can give another person clues . Some studies have even shown a significant relationship between a shoe and its owner. Not only does it show […]

How to Buy Footwear For Any Look

Men are strange animals when it comes to footwear. While women mastered the art of owning loads of shoes generations ago, it seems that the man are dragging behind somewhat. The typical man attitude to footwear is to own perhaps two or three pairs of shoes, which they will then try and pass off with […]