Female Celebrities

Female Celebrities

Dhinchak Pooja Bigg Boss 11 Images, Pics, Photos & Biography

Dhinchak Pooja Bigg Boss 11 Images, Pics, Photos & Biography : Hello Guys, We are back with all new collection of Best Dhinchak Pooja Images. Download and share these Dhinchak Pooja Pictures, Images, Photos & HD Wallpapers with your online friends by using sharing buttons at the end. ūüôā Pooja Jain is the real name […]

Sonakshi Sinha HD Wallpapers

Sonakshi Sinha HD Wallpapers¬†: Here we are sharing latest collection of¬†beautiful High Definition Sonakshi Sinha HD Wallpapers. Download these¬†free HD Sonakshi Sinha Wallpapers, Pictures & Photos. ūüôā You can download these¬†beautiful¬†Sonakshi Sinha hd wallpapers.¬†Just do right click on the selected Wallpaper and click on¬†‚Äúsave image as‚Ä̬†and save the¬†high definition Sonakshi Sinha wallpapers¬†in your computer. You […]

Hollywood Celebrity Britney Spears Sexy Tattoos

Hollywood¬†Celebrity¬†Britney Spears Sexy Tattoos,¬†We all know the troubled pop princess has a few¬†Celebrity Tattoos¬†of her own. You will be surprised to know that¬†Hot Britney Spears¬†has a total of nine tattoos. Of course at first glance you would never know the pop princess had so many tattoos. Mainly because hers are fairly small and most of […]

Revolver Rani Kangana Ranaut Hot Pics, HD Wallpapers, Images

Revolver Rani Kangana Ranaut Hot Pics, HD Wallpapers, Images : Here we are sharing latest collection of¬†Kangana Ranaut in Revolver Rani¬†2014 Movie HD Wallpapers, Pictures. Download and share these¬†free¬†HD wallpapers¬†of¬†Movie¬†Revolver Rani¬†with your friends. Revolver Rani¬†(2014) is an upcoming¬†Bollywood Comedy and Drama Movie,¬†The film¬†directed by Sai Kabir Shrivastav and produced by Raju Chadha, Crouching Tiger Motion […]

Extreme Plastic Surgery Flops: Celeb Style

In Hollywood, image is everything, and many celebrities have admitted to a few nips and tucks to retain their famous visages. But some celebrities have more money than common sense and have taken plastic surgery to the extreme. The following is a list of a few stars that maybe should have gotten a second opinion […]

Celebrities with Diabetes

With 347million people in the world and 25.8 million people in the United States being affected by it, Diabetes is a disease that is being diagnosed in an exponentially increasing number of people every year. It is no wonder that the disease does not leave celebrities alone, with a lot of them falling prey to […]

Even Celebrities Lose Their Identity: 5 Celebrity Identity Theft Cases

Celebrities live the high life; enjoying parties, famous friends, more money than they can handle, so we all look at celebrities like they are a different breed of people. However, celebrities are just like you and I. They buy groceries, take their kids to school and do normal, everyday things. They are also subject to […]


We just love to follow latest fashion trends. Some stay while some are lost in oblivion. One such hottest trend that has gripped the fashion world is the ‚Äėmonochrome‚Äô style. Monochrome is basically combination of black and white. The blend of two classic colours is indeed classy. Not only celebrities flaunt it but even homes […]

What Celebrities Are What Sign?

Everyone has a star sign and we all know that our signs state who we are, the type of people we are and what we enjoy doing. From the originality of the Aquarians to the organized structure of the Virgos and the outgoing personalities of the Sagittarius. David Bowie David Bowie is one of the […]

The Top 5 Celebrities on Instagram

Instagram Instagram is one of the fastest growing popular social media sites revolving around photos. It started with a small photo sharing application on iphone that was later purchased by Facebook. Even before that billion dollar deal by Facebook, the two pop stars Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were the most popular celebrities with more […]