Summer Style 101

May 23, 2014

Warm weather is headed our way, and that means it is time to pull out light dresses, shorts and sheer blouses. Styling for hot temperatures can be lots of fun. Here are some tips for putting together your summer wardrobe.

Starting with a Base

Before jumping to cute styles, it is important to make sure that what is under the clothes fits well. It is estimated that “85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size.” This results in gaps between the cups and skin, pinching bands and pulling straps. When clothes go on top, an ill fit can affect the rest of the outfit’s appearance. Investing in a designer bra can provide the comfort and support wearers need to feel confident and cute.

Another important part of your base wardrobe is eliminating underwear lines. Nothing distracts from a good look like unsightly elastic lines. Precision cut elastic-free panties are now in high demand by runway designers in New York who don’t want elastic lines to interfere with their fashions.

Summer Style 101

Summer Style 101

Defining Your Lifestyle Needs

Once the essentials are taken care of, it is time to think about what your style should look like. A wardrobe should be both functional and fun. So identifying your style needs consists of taking a look at the activities your lifestyle requires and the look that you are personally aiming for. Ask questions like:

  • What kind of activities do I need to dress for?
  • What does a typical day look like and how will I want to dress?
  • How hot is my area’s climate?
  • What patterns pop up on my style board?
  • Are there any special events coming up?

Finding Clothes that Truly Fit

The next step is to build a collection of clothes that fit and are flattering. There are some basics shoppers should keep in mind when trying things on. On shirts, the shoulders should match up with your real shoulder line. Shirt hems should fall somewhere around the mid hip, not too much longer than the crotch of the pants. A good hem lines helps to elongate the leg line without accentuating the midsection. If there are any buttons involved, they should fit nicely without pulling open in awkward gaps. When sleeves are involved, they should fit just a little past the wrist without covering the thumbs and dwarfing the wearer.

If you love a particular piece of clothing but it doesn’t fit quite right, don’t hesitate to consult a tailor. A perfect fit is can take the same outfit from frumpy to stylish. So making friends with a good tailor is a must, recommends stylist and TV personality Stacy London.

The Pieces You’ll Need

Summer is a fun season for dressing up. Whether it is a cool crochet dress or a fun pair of shorts, there are lots of essential pieces you will want to wear. These may include:

  • Flowy Skirt
  • Bright statement necklace
  • Blazer
  • Maxi dress or skirt
  • Floral printed dress
  • Belt
  • Swimsuit or bikini
  • Solid neutral tank top
  • Bright colored shorts
  • Sandals
  • Gauze scarf

Building the perfect summer wardrobe comes down to finding the perfect fit. Search for fashions that marry functional lifestyle clothes with the styles you love.

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