Styles of Bra

April 19, 2013

Since the invention of the bra, people have been tailoring it to suit their needs. Now there are dozens of different styles and shapes and all have their own purpose. Good bra producers and sellers always make sure to offer women a wide variety of bra. It has to be comfortable and suit your needs as you are the one who will be wearing it the whole day. Listed below is a range of different types of bra and their primary functions.

Styles of Bra

Styles of Bra

Adhesive (aka Backless or Strapless Bra) – They tend to be a usual shaped bra but with added silicone on the inside which acts as an adhesive so that it does not slide down or move around. Fairly comfortable, they offer you more freedom with the lack of straps and can look quite stunning. You can wear them best with strapless dresses and tops, but you do have to be careful not to bounce out of them, so to speak.

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Athletic/Sports Bra – These are designed with the primary function of fixing your boobs in place, so when you are working out they do not move about or cause discomfort. They have no under wire and are usually made from materials such as lycra, giving you a layer you can still perspire through so you do not end up with a sweaty chest.

Balconette/Shelf Bra – These are used to lift your breasts to create the illusion of more volume and enhance the shape, giving you a better cleavage. The name balconette means “little balcony” and is thought to be called that because it is not visible when you are leant over, much like a buildings balcony. Invented in the US in 1938 this bra was not as popular as others and it only became more popular during the 1950’s.

Front Closure Bra – This is your average bra with a difference. Instead of being done up at the back of the body there is a clasp in the centre front gore between the breasts. This style of bra is thought to be more sexual and inviting, and is used quite a lot in the lingerie sector. One downside to them would be that they are fairly easy to break if you are a little top heavy, so it is more suited to slightly lighter chested girls.

Padded Bra – For the slightly less fuller figured ladies, this style of bra is where padding or inserts help to lift the breasts slightly, enough to make them look more shapely and toned. Unlike the normal push up styles of bra, this one is not designed to increase the size of depth of your cleavage. These bras as mentioned before are for ladies under a C cup, as a C cup and more will not need any added lift.

Plunge Bra – Also known as a U plunge, this bra unlike the last one is to increase the intensity of your cleavage. It is designed with wider shoulder straps and angled cups to accurately push your breasts into the right direction and be shaped for the desired effect. This type of bra does not usually come padded so is for ladies that are not flatter chested but nor is it for ladies with particularly large breasts.


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