Style Secrets of Stylish Women of the Older Generation

September 10, 2014

It can be really worrying as you age to think that you’re going to lose your sense of style. Well, don’t worry, because these days women of the older generation aren’t going out with their blue rinses and floral maternity-like dresses – they’re as glam as ever. We’ve got some top tips lined up that’ll help you stay stylish well into your old age.

Bold Hairstyles

Stylish Hairstyle for older Women Pictures, Images, Photos, Wallpapers

Stylish Hairstyle for older Women

No longer do you need to worry about going into a hairdressers and coming out with a perm toned slightly blue over the grey. These days, hairdressers are more than happy to go with edgy, youthful cuts on older women. Think Helen Mirren’s pastel pink, or even Judi Dench’s textured crop. Whether you decide to dye it bright colours (which we totally recommend – especially if you’ve retired and can do whatever you want!), go for some dramatic crop or long, flowing curls, make sure your hairstyle is bold and attention grabbing.

Attention-Grabbing Jewelry

Fabulous Jewelry for older Women/ ladies Pictures, Images, Photos

Fabulous Jewelry for older Women

On the note of attention-grabbing, you want your jewelry to stand out. There are two routes to this – either you take the hippie/boho look and pile on lots of thin, but colorful, details, or you go with some key signature pieces. We’re fans of the signature piece look, as you can work it with any outfit – something which is a bit trickier to do with the boho look! You want to own one of two key pieces for each area, depending on color and size. So for instance, own one fabulous pair of diamond stud earrings and some large gold hoops; a thin but striking choker and a lengthy chain necklace with a statement pendant; one chunky bracelet and one delicate charm one; and finally – a signet ring in both silver and gold. From these eight pieces, you’ll be able to create a look that goes with any outfit. Plus, items like signet rings are easy to customize as you can have whatever sigil, crest or image you want on them – from the risqué, to the classic.

Reassess Your Makeup

Miniral Makeup for older Srylish Women/ ladies Pictures, Images, Photos

Miniral Makeup for older Srylish Women

When’s the last time you updated your makeup? If you can’t remember, now is the time to do it. Lots of changes come with age, including things like skin tone and sensitivity so it’s worth reassessing your routine. We find that mineral-based makeup is great for older skin as it doesn’t build up in the creases quite as much. Why not try some bold new colors to go with your edgy hairstyle? Gone are the days of grandmother-lipstick-teeth, and in come the days of fabulous older women. If you’re really stuck, go in for a consultation. These are an amazing (often free) chance to test out products with the help of someone who really knows what they’re doing.

That or you could just rock the bare face look!

Tailored Cuts

Stylish outfits, Clothes for Older Women Pictures, Images, Photos

Stylish outfit for Older Women

Wondering what clothes to wear? Tailored cuts never go out of fashion. By this, we don’t mean suit jackets and A-line skirts (unless you want!) but outfits that are cut to fit your size. Nothing makes a person look frumpy more than their clothes not fitting, so an easy way to remain stylish is to ensure everything you own works for you. If you can sew, all the better – a few nips in on the waist or a slight hem can do wonders to even the most ill-fitting of outfits. Remember: just because you’re of the older generation doesn’t mean you have to wear baggy, shapeless outfits!

Fabulous Shoes

Slight Heeled Boots for Older Women/ Ladies Pictures, Images, Photos

Slight Heeled Boots for Older Women

Just like using a single signet ring to emphasis parts of an outfit, shoes can be used as the ultimate accessory. Whether it’s shockingly high stilettos or a pair of badass boots, take the time to find three key pairs of shoes that’ll go with anything. We particularly recommend some slight heeled boots to go with a great pair of fitted jeans – they can knock years off your age without it looking like you’re dressing like your grandchildren!

The key style secret behind all of these tips is to aim for bold, refined and edgy. Sounds tricky, but it’s surprisingly simple – with statement pieces like signet rings, a chic new hairstyle and well-fitting clothes, you’ll notice the difference in a matter of days.

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