Style Check: Awesome Furniture

March 13, 2013

If you’re decorating your new house or decided to change your current furniture, pay attention to the latest furniture trends and choose something you like. Furniture fashion has transformed over years. Now you can enjoy the multitude of styles and designs. You don’t need to follow the trends; they would only inspire you to create your own style at home.

Stay environmentally friendly!

Eco-friendly home solutions gain wide popularity among home owners. You can recycle and repurpose your old furniture into something creative and unique. If you already use only eco-friendly detergent and dish soap, buying eco-friendly furniture is the next step for you.

Wicker or bamboo furniture is perfect for outdoors or garden. For example a set of chairs would serve you for years and would not harm the nature.

Organic wood designs would transform any space into something comfortable and cozy. You can change upholstery and choose different color patterns suitable for your house design.

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Style Check: Awesome Furniture

Tradition meets modern style

You can mix several designs together. For example traditional ornaments would blend in with some modern furniture designs, bright lamps and vases. You can place some colorful pillows and blankets on your old fashioned sofa. You can also replace the old dusty upholstery of your sofa with some new bright material. Repaint your old wardrobe, or add some vibrant wallpaper in your living room. This way you would add some modern touch to the traditional design of your house.

Multifunctional furniture

A lot of young families cannot afford buying a spacious apartment, that’s why they have to make the most of their limited space. Small apartments require modern multifunctional furniture solutions. For example, you can get a sofa with a built-in sliding table or a bed that transforms into a desk. Organization is the key for tiny apartments. Utilize your space to the maximum.

Add some color

Neutral and plain colors would make your house look boring. That’s why you need to add some color to create an atmosphere. A floral print on a white background would only add some character to the interior design. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to renovate your room, just add some stylish items here and there. Don’t be afraid to combine your vintage furniture pieces with some contrast accessories. Bright colors would only add some comfort to the room.

Tufted furniture is back!

If you have an old tufted piece of furniture in your storage space, redecorate it and place it in your living room. Tufted armchairs and sofas are extremely popular this season. Even though the idea of tufted furniture is not new, it would add a modern charm to any environment. Give a brand new breath to your old tufted chair or bed!

Add some accents

Geometric patterns and floral prints on the furniture are this season’s favorite trends. You can place some elaborate prints on the wallpaper, carpet or a sofa cushion. Bright details dominate in the interior design.

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