Stumped on Dad? Five Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays

November 17, 2013

The holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to narrow down that shopping list before you’re stuck in a last-minute gift panic. We all know that perhaps the hardest person to shop for is Dad, and unless he’s flat-our given you some good gift ideas, chances are that you are stumped for a great present he might actually use. Don’t worry. Because we’ve got five great gift ideas that are sure to be hits under the tree:

Stumped on Dad? Five Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gift Ideas for Global Dads : Great Gift Ideas for the Holidays

1) A really great messenger bag — If your dad has finally joined the 21st Century, and is carting around a tablet or laptop in addition to the standard keys and wallet, a great canvas and leather messenger bag is a useful idea to help him stay organized. It’s just manly enough that he won’t mind carrying it, and just stylish enough that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public with him. You’ll get bonus points from Mom too, because she will be oh-so-happy when his personal items are contained—and not all over her kitchen counter.

2) A Kegerator — If you have a little extra cash to spend, a Kegerator is a great gift idea for the beer-loving dad. Not only is it high on the cool factor, making sure all of his friends will be green with envy, but it can actually save money in the long run, since the per-ounce cost on keg beer is much lower than bottled beer. Furthermore, your dad will always have his favorite brew just a few steps away, perfectly chilled and ready to go.

3) A car diagnostic tool — Who doesn’t hate that evil gremlin, also known as the “Check Engine Light?” With a car diagnostic tool, your dad can instantly diagnose why that devious little beacon of trouble is shining, and avoid the expensive assessment fees from the local mechanic. If Dad is the least bit car-inclined, this is an excellent option. However, this gift does have the potential side-effect of making Dad everyone’s new best friend.

4) A custom bobblehead — If your dad is already the “guy who has everything,” you are probably scraping the bottom of the barrel for gift ideas. It’s time to think fun, whimsical and maybe even a little wacky. There are several companies out there that create custom bobbleheads based on pictures or images you provide them. Immortalize your dad, maybe his favorite dog or anything else that will bring a smile to his face. It’s better than a tie, after all.

5) A really cool smartphone dock — Smartphone speaker docks help us get the most out of our devices, but even if those clunky, plastic boxes are high on utility, they are circling the drain on style. You can now find some really great, funky alternatives that bring some form back into the function of speaker docks. From artistic pieces that look like old-fashioned gramophones to pieces crafted from wooden logs, you can find something really interesting that will wow him with its cool factor.

Whatever you decide, remember that in gift-giving, it really is the thought that counts. Just get shopping now, because nothing says tacky like a last-minute gift from the drug store. Show Dad you care and find him something that will really boost his holiday cheer…and maybe even launch you to the top of the favorite list!

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