Students diet during the CBSE board exams

February 1, 2019


 During the exam, children’s food and drink are most important. Normally at this time students eat junk food and drink coffee. This helps them stay awake for a long time, but all this is harmful to health. Therefore, prepare a complete chart for children during the examination and prepare them to face this difficult time. To give the best performance in Exam Time, not just a lot of study, but the right diet is also important. At the time of the examination, if children are not given attention on food and routine then their body may have a bad effect. Health is good only from the right diet.          

Expert Diet Tips to Get Good Marks in Exams

  1. Drink more water

If there is a shortage of water in the body, then there may be dehydration and in such a way, it will have to face the problem of not being able to meditate. Include sources of hydrated in the food. Give children a diet that will fulfill the lack of water in the body. Due to lack of water in the body, children’s mind can become restless and they will not be able to pay attention to studies. Give them fresh fruit juice, buttermilk or lemonade or lemon juice and green tea.

  2. Some Food do not eat before the EXAM          

   There are some food items that should not be eaten before EXAM, or else the child will feel sleepy and sluggish during the exercise. In such a situation, the entire concentration will not be able to pass through it. Deep fried foods such as canned fruit juices, pizza, burgers such as junk   food, samosas, fries etc. should not be eaten at all before Exam.

  3. Curd-sugar is beneficial

Yogurt is very beneficial during the Exam. By eating this sugar mixed with it, the brain gets instant energy and it remains active. If some fruits and nuts are also added in curd, it can be consumed by consuming extra vitamins and iron.

  4. Vegetables and Fruits

Children should feed plenty of vegetables and fruits during the examination. Fruits that contain vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium and Vitamin B are good for the brain. With this, they will get nutrition; they will not even sleep after eating or sleeping. Apple, orange and banana are considered to be good for these days.

  5.Don’t be hungry during EXAMS

The body gets energy from eating something; your brain needs energy to work effectively. Even if the child is not wanting to eat something because of stress, but he must feed a little something. If the child does not want to eat anything, it can be given a protein shake or a smoothing, hungry stomach is not able to focus.

  6. Protein

Proteins give us energy for a long time. So if your child is passing the exam then definitely include protein-rich food in his mile. If you give it in the breakfast through the egg, poha, idli or dosa, then the child will take energetic throughout the day.

Also check

Some tips, which will help you to fight the Exam Stress, will also make you mentally stronger.

1. Keep yourself keep calm

Keep yourself quiet in the exam time, the more cool it is, and the better. Try to keep yourself mentally calm that will keep you confident.

2. Sleep well

Take full sleep to remove fatigue. Fresh minded the more important the study is, the more it is necessary to take full sleep. So sleep for 6 to 7 hours.

3. Exercise or Morning walk

Exercise does not mean that you begin to excavate the heavy. Stretch the body so that your body relays flex, as well as not forgetting to walk between studies.

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