Stay On Trend With Accessories That Never Date

February 6, 2013

An article describing the different ways to keep things stylish, fresh and up to date. Focusing on fashionable yet classic design this article is a concise guide for those looking for advice with modern day accessorising.

Mix And Match
Fashion is all about how different fabrics, styles and designs work together and it is a tough one to get just right. Chic fabric choice, elegant cut and a perfect fit can work well if chosen and placed together correctly. However, when it goes wrong combinations of textures and colours can create a messy picture that fails to find definition and results in a confusing mass of material.

Just as with high street fashion, interior design needs a similar level of careful thought and consideration. Purchase just the right type of interior accessory and you will have no problem mixing and matching it with existing styles and designs. For instance the classic leather bean bag will work equally well in rooms styled in Autumnal tones as it does in rooms with more neutral tones.

Trend With Accessories

Trend With Accessories

One Piece Suits All

Of course the leather bean bag is an example of an accessory that never goes out of style and there in lies the key. Classic fashion accessories that can be worn with many different outfits are a must. A brightly coloured beaded necklace may be great for a one off occasion and a special outfit, but purchase a gold band bracelet or diamond earrings and have a multi-functional piece of jewellery.

To be sure of a classic buy ensure that your item has features that won’t date or deteriorate over time. For instance look for materials and styles that are always in vogue, from leather and precious metals to gem stones and floral motifs.

Size matters too. Look for a few fashion accessories that are statement pieces and bring a focus to particular areas of the body. An oversized necklace will draw the eye to the neck and face area, whereas a chunky bracelet will highlight the wrist and hands.

Of course making sure you have a more subtle range of jewellery to adorn an outfit is also key, as each sparkle, gem or delicate chain can add an extra shine or something special to a look. In fact just a charm bracelet, woven belt or hair pin can change a look from the everyday to an outfit appropriate for a glamorous evening out.

Find A Reliable Supplier
When it comes to locating key design pieces it is always good to have somewhere you can depend on time and time again. This can be tricky but well worth the time and effort and can often be found on-line. Look for reliable service, a good range of products and efficient delivery options. Most importantly ensure you like the products offered and that they fit with your own style and personality. Clothing may be fashionable but unless you wear it with confidence it won’t create the desired effect.

Genelia is a regular writer and contributor to design blogs and websites. Her work is primarily concerned with latest trends and styles, although she also has interests in vintage and retro design. Genelia enjoys getting stuck in with renovation and interior design and owns her own leather bean bag!

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