Stainless Steel Safety Razors

February 19, 2015

The term safety razor was first used in an official document issued in 1880, with a safety device placed in between the edge of the blade and the skin. The preliminary reason of these extra protective devices was to lessen the risk of wound during a shave.

Safety Razor Facts

Safety razors, also known as Double-Edge Razors or DE Razors, are in use for decades worldwide. A stainless steel safety razor reminds a person of the days when shaving needed a skill. Today’s man wants speed and comfort and uses cheap and disposable shaving razors that often do not provide a close, smooth shave, and end up leaving the person with irritating razor-burn and a non-pleasing shaving experience. However, you will feel relieved to know that now best safety razors are here that not only offer you a great shaving experience, but also give that classic of shaving that people used to enjoy earlier.

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Stainless Steel Razor

A wide range of Stainless Steel Safety Razors is available for today’s modern men who are fond having a great shave. The single blade safety razor is less prone to congestion, and will cut the facial hair deeply at the skin level in a single pass, which helps to stay away from razor burns and ingrown hairs.   The reality is that safety razor blades are notably cheaper than replacement cartridge razors; that makes it possible to change the blade more often, serving to evade germs build up.  Some users say with a single pass, almost without ingrown, less clogging and less germs, these Stainless Steel Safety Razors have essentially enhanced their skin tone and reduced acne growth.  A good quality safety razor is commonly made of stainless steel and is most likely to have a good lifetime.

Why Use a Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Men choose Stainless Steel Safety Razors for shaving to attain the following benefits:

  • Substitute blades are more inexpensive than modern multi-blade razors.
  • As it is double sided, it offers longevity to the blade.
  • In many cases, the blade’s slimmer design facilitates better access and cleaning of hair in soft and tough-to-get parts such as under the nose and chin areas.
  • Many users feel that these blades give a closer and smooth shave than the modern multi-blade equivalents.
  • Double edge safety razors do their best job on skin that is not that firm. So, when shaving on the neck or cheeks, you can use free hand on these areas without any fear for cuts and bruises.
  • Another advantage of this type of razor is that having two sides allows the user to toss the blade over before cleaning.
  • Best Merkur Safety razor not only benefits the user in shaving, but benefits the environment. As a safety razor blade can be used at least three times more when compared to a multi-cartridge razor, there will be less disposal. Secondly, because the safety razor blades are made of a single metal, they can be simply recycled, not like today’s multi-cartridge razors that are an amalgamation of metal with plastic.
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