Spice up your smile this Christmas 2018

December 7, 2012

Most of us spend hours trawling through web pages and looking in shops for the perfect party outfit. But if you’re dreading the office party photographs because you’re smile isn’t quite as sparkly as your sequin mini dress, now is the time to start thinking about spicing up your smile.

It’s no secret that most of consider our smile as one of our most important features and one that we look for in potential partners. And with Christmas just around the corner now is the perfect time to give your smile some added sparkle.

Christmas Girl Smile Pictures

Spice up your smile this Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas is one of the most popular Xmas songs, but it may not just be a layer of snow you’re hoping for on Christmas morning. Many of us long for a bright, white smile and thankfully there is a host of products on the market and professional whitening treatments to give you a ultra-white smile without any pain. Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market because it’s affordable, effective and you can see the results straight away.

Veneers are another very popular dental treatment. Usually made from porcelain they are applied over the top of the natural teeth to create a beautiful, glossy smile. Veneers have been made famous by A-listers, but you don’t need to be a Hollywood star to show off a dazzling new smile this Christmas. Braces are another great option for fixing teeth problems, but can take many months and may not be ready till next December!

Make your smile stand out

If you’ve already got healthy looking white teeth or if you’re looking for a treatment to give your smile added sparkle this year, why not consider tooth jewellery? There are two main types of jewels, tooth gems and sparkles and they are available in hundreds of different designs and colours, from emerald green and sapphire blue to ruby red and amethyst purple. Tooth jewellery is an affordable, quick and painless way of giving your smile a unique look. With so many different styles available your smile is sure to stand out for all the right reasons this festive season. Tooth gems can be removed by your dentist at any time and the procedure to fit and remove them is completely pain-free.

Tooth tattoos

Dental tattoos have been big news for some years now and they are a simple means of giving your smile a different look. Tooth tattoos, unlike body tattoos, do not last forever and they usually fade after around 4 months. You don’t need to follow in the footsteps of rap stars and have gangster style tattoos. No, you can opt for festive designs, floral styles and a symbol that means something to you. There are hundreds of different options available.

It’s Christmas!

If you’re looking forward to Christmas and New Year parties and you want to look your best, why not match a gorgeous, sparkly smile with your new outfit? You don’t need to spend a lot of money or endure lengthy sessions in the dreaded dental chair to look and feel great this Christmas!

To learn more about how you can spice up your Christmas visit the www.braces.org.uk website and make sure your smile is ready for that meeting under the mistletoe. 

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