Sparkly Summery Fashion

April 24, 2013

Despite the cold weather that doesn’t seem to want to end, it technically is spring already, and that means you can slowly start showcasing your favorite seasonal trends.

One of my least favorite things about the cold weather is the lack of color – with black pea coats, gray sweaters and black leggings galore. If it weren’t for my pink sequined UGG boots, I probably would have died from the lack of color and sparkle. If you’re like me and need some relief from the boring hues of winter, check out these four accessories that can put some bling in spring:

Sparkly Summery Fashion

1. Unique bracelets

I’m absolutely obsessed with the new accessory trend of beautiful and intricate eternity bracelets. They’re so different from everything else in my jewelry collection, and they make it possible for me to comfortably wear rings around these tiny fingers. Just one of these bad boys can quickly dress up any spring look, but are best shown off with shorter sleeves to give them the full attention they deserve. Rock them with a bohemian-style maxi skirt and a cute crop top for a hippie-chic look.

2. Spikes and studs

No longer just for punk rocker chicks, spikes and studs are taking over the fashion world in a pretty, sophisticated new way. I’m a huge fan of studded shoes (loafers, pumps, flats, etc.) because they add something special to an otherwise basic outfit. Studded bags are another cool trend for adding sparkle to your warm-weather wardrobe.

3. Showpieces

Although the statement necklace is still hot for spring, jewelry showpieces can add a touch of drama. Showpiece necklaces tend to fall in the category of “chunky jewelry” and often feature big gems with intricate designs that function as the main piece in your outfit. Wear a showpiece with a simple T-shirt dress and wedges, or pair with a simple tank top for a casual-cute look.

4. Sequins

It may be too warm to keep your sequin UGGs around, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up this glittery trend altogether. Sequins are still a big thing this summer, showing up on everything from casual loafers, to button-up collars and short-shorts. Pair sequined shoes with jeans and a ponytail, for a laid-back look. If you want a subtler shine, try sequin headbands and other hair accessories for a sprinkle of fairy dust without going too crazy.

One of my favorite things about summer is that you can really let your jewelry collection shine without having to hide it under a big winter jacket. Not to mention, sparkly fashion can add the perfect girly-girl vibe to some of the season’s tomboy-esque trends, like cut-off denim and oversized tees. So get your sparkles ready and prepare to be the fiercest fashionista on the scene this spring with these four style favorites.

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