Some Useful Suggestions for Face Painting

May 15, 2013

Kids of all the ages love to paint their faces. Sometimes they want to be ghosts while some other times animals. Let’s see how we should paint the faces of kids with great care.

Some Useful Suggestions for Face Painting

Face Painting

  • Use the Paint carefully– Professional face paint is not a very cheap thing to have. So you must not waste it and use it carefully. This is to be done even more cautious when you have to paint the faces of lots of kids. Don’t leave them in such places where anybody can have them and try to use. You must keep them in a safe place all the times. Moreover, while applying the paint, you should not use more than the required amount.
  • Make Use of Sponge for Large Areas– If you have to cover a large area with one single color, you shouldn’t use brushes. Sponge supposes to be a way better option than brushes. It takes lesser time and returns better results. Keep different sponges for different colors. It will save the time to be wasted in washing the sponges again and again. Brushes, for small areas, should also be kept same way i.e. different brushes for different colors.
  • Apply Thin Layers– Don’t apply thick layers of paint. It will cause the paint to crack after drying up. Try to make the layers reasonably thin. Also, be patient till the first coat dries. If you will not let it dry completely, both the applications will mix and you will have to wipe it off and restart the process. So it’s better to have some patience while painting.
  • Start with an Idea of Finished Face– Before starting the painting, you must be having an idea of the finished face. Visualize it appropriately so that you don’t have to make it up while painting. You must be knowing what are you going to complete before starting it.
  • Take Good Care of Special Effects– The paint to be applied on the face serves as the glue for the special effecting items like big mustache or bumpy nose. To carry it out perfectly, soak some cotton wool in the paint and place it on the face at appropriate place. Then you need to cover it with a tissue and paint it in desired color.
  • Use Stencils for Better Results– If you have to finish the work in just a short span of time or you haven’t gained much of adroitness, you can make use of stencils to get good results quickly. There are various types of face painting stencils available out there. Hearts, flowers, stars; whatever you want will be on the face of the person to be painted.
  • Add Temporary Tattoos to Your Painting– Temporary tattoos work even faster than stencils. But these tattoos are to be applied to the faces of those people only who are not very sensitive. The skin of  such people can react terribly to these tattoos. You can also use glitter to make your face painting look great but pay attention that it’s very difficult to remove from wherever it gets..
  • Arrange Lots of Tissues Before Commencing the Painting– You will have to wash your hands, brushes and sponges many a time, so it’s better that you keep a good stock of tissues before starting the painting. It will prevent you from running here and there to arrange tissues or any other alternative in between the painting.

Face painting is not as easy as it seems to be but keeping the above points in mind can lead you towards expertise in it. Moreover, you shouldn’t forget the saying “practice makes a man perfect”. Keep on making efforts and one day you will find a perfect face painter in you.

About the Author: Daniel Ros is Fashion Consultant in Las Vegas. He has 6+ Years of experience as Fashion Consultant and has worked with many Firms in Las Vegas. Here he is sharing his views on Fashion, especially Face Painting have been his specialty and he writes often about the latest trends and technologies coming to this particular industry.

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