Sleep Secrets: Warm Up with Adult Footie Pajamas during the Cold Nights

July 5, 2017

One of the main causes of sleeplessness in adults, especially women is cold. It is almost impossible for one to fall asleep when their body temperatures are too low. As a matter of fact, the situation gets even worse during the cold season.

However, you can warm yourself up with a heavyweight adult onesie. Yes,believe you me, adult footie pajamas are a great option for adults looking for warmth during the cold season and also for those looking to relive their childhood.

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What Materials Make the Most Comfortable Pajamas?

Whether you call them flannels, pajamas, sleep suits or sleep jammies, the most important thing is to ensure that your skin actually feels comfortable in them. So, if you love your beauty sleep, here are 4 amazing fabrics that you and your kids can sleep in. They are all trendy, especially when it comes to Christmas pajamas.

  • Cotton

This is the most common fabric of all time. We all have something made of cotton in our closets. Cotton is a soft, hypoallergenic and extra comfortable material that will never irritate the skin or cause some weird allergic reactions, especially on kids.

In addition to this, cotton fabrics are also perfect for summer as it is meant to absorb all the moisture from the skin leaving you dry. When there is too much heat at night, you can help lower your body temperature by choosing cotton pajamas. Therefore, if you are looking for safety and comfort as you sleep, you can never go wrong with cotton pajamas.

  • Silk

Do you have an eye for fashion and finer things in life? Silk is the softest material you can ever find. And because of its softness and shiny look, it has remained a favorite pick for mothers. Mothers who love to shop not only for themselves but also for their kids should consider some matching silk pajamas this Christmas.

Additionally, silk is an all year round fabric; perfect for the cold season and the warm season as well. The material is meant to preserve body heat during the cold and keep your body cool when the temperatures are too high.

  • Cashmere

Sounds fancy, right? Well just like the name suggests, this fabric tells you can be fashionable even in your sleep. The material is lightweight and very comfortable. And just like silk, cashmere will keep you insulated in winter and help you cool off in summer.

  • Linen

The most exciting thing about linen fabrics is its high permeability. And because it is healthy to find clothes that allow the body to breathe, linen pajamas are a good pick.

At the end of the day, it takes more than just a nice bed to have a good night’s sleep. You have to make sure that your sleepwear is as comfortable as possible; not too tight not too loose and not irritating to the skin. Pick a fabric that suits your personal needs and one that is perfect for the different weather conditions.


Sandra Martins is a professional fashion blogger. She shares some exciting knowledge about adult onesie and footed pajamas on her blog. During her free time, Sandra loves playing around with her children.

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