Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Health

September 22, 2018

Most people don’t get enough sleep during the night, although it is one of the basic human needs. Unfortunately, we are a society that tends to stay up late to work, study, play video games, spend time on social media networks, and more. Very often we tend to ignore the need for sleep because we try to squeeze more hours into our days. Something like this is not good for our health, as it can contribute to the development of various health issues.

Sleep Deprivation Can Affect Your Health

If we try to go without adequate sleep for a long time, it will have a short-term and long-term impact on our well-being. We are all aware of the short-term consequences as we are very familiar with them. Sleep deprivation can affect our productivity, memory, focus, mood, judgment, and ability to learn. All of us experience these consequences from time to time. However, they are nothing compared to the long-term effects that rest deprivation can have on our lives. If you want to remain healthy and improve your quality of life, it is critical to get enough shut-eye at night.

Drifting off to dreamland in the evening, and staying asleep throughout the night is essential if we want to stay healthy, and be full of energy in the morning. If you have troubles getting enough quality sleep, you should do everything you can to change this. For example, you can get a new mattress and new pillows so that you are comfortable throughout the night. If you choose one of the top rated mattresses, it will provide comfort and support, and improve your quality of sleep. You also need to remove all electronic devices from your bedroom as the blue light that they emit can affect your sleep cycles. If you want to stay healthy, you need to do everything possible to increase your chances of getting a recommended number of hours of quality rest. We will discuss some of the most common long-term effects that being deprived of sleep has on our health

It Can Increase the Risk of Obesity

If you are struggling to lose a few extra pounds, you should concentrate on getting enough rest during the night. When we don’t get enough sleep, the levels of a hormone called cortisol rise. When the levels of this stress hormone rise, our appetite is increased, and we are prone to feeling nervous and frustrated. As a result, we tend to eat unhealthy foods and snacks. If this behavior continues for a long time, it will affect our metabolism, and we will manage to gain weight gradually. Additionally, when we are deprived of sleep, we lack the energy and feel very tired. As a consequence, we are less likely to engage in physical activity, which will also contribute to weight gain.

It Can Increase Your Blood Pressure

If you want to be healthy, you need to keep in mind that sleep deprivation can increase your blood pressure. Of course, most of us know that high blood pressure can contribute to the development of various cardiovascular issues. When we don’t get enough decent sleep at night, the regulation of stress hormones is affected, and as a result, our blood pressure often rises after a night of not getting enough shut-eye.

It Can Contribute to Diabetes

When people are deprived of rest, the ability of their bodies to process insulin is impacted. If you want your body to process glucose correctly, it is essential to get at least 7 hours of shut-eye. Regular sleep deprivation leads to high blood sugar levels, which can eventually result in type 2 diabetes.

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