Simple Winter Dressing Tips for Working Women

December 16, 2016

It’s a Monday morning, and the weather outside looks frosty. Deciding what to wear to start off with this work day seems like a real burden. But wait! You don’t need to wrap yourself up with those cozy, warm, baggy clothes. Rather than looking sloppy or bulky at work, you have many interesting options to choose from the winter dressing trends at work.

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Beautiful Women in Stylish Winter Dress

Here are some great dressing tips for working women to follow this winter:

Pick Your Favorite Colors in Jackets and Coats

If you’re thinking about getting stuff to keep yourself warm throughout your work day, fill your wardrobe with some stylish jackets first. As you shop for this, you will be able to choose from a variety of breathable, waterproof, soft shell, and reversible jackets that are specifically designed for winters.

Wear Belts, Especially In Winters

Sometimes, women’s clothes can form a bulky image of your body. Wearing belts can help you get over this concern since a belt can define your waist while making you look smarter even in winters. However, if worn incorrectly, a belt can also ruin your entire work style. Though there is no hard and fast rule of wearing belts perfectly, you can choose both skinny and wide belts to enhance your outfit even more.

Recycle Your Spring and Summer Clothes

Are you fond of layering? If yes, then bring back your spring and summer clothes! Obviously, the thin, light material of such clothes may not be a good fit to combat the harshness of winters, but you can use these clothes even in winters by layering them up! How about wearing that sleeveless shirt and then layering it up with a full-sleeve, thin shirt? Complete the look by putting on a light sweater. This way, you will be able to keep yourself warm without spending anything on your winter wardrobe. While doing so, keep this in mind: the trick of recycling your summer clothes works only for darker colors. If you are wearing layers of darker colored summer clothes, you can easily disguise summer clothes as winter clothes!

Get a Cowl neck Dress

There are days when winters don’t let us drag us out of bed. When you feel the same in any of those chilly mornings, you can easily roll into a cowl-neck dress. This oversize pullover will make you feel as if you have wrapped yourself in your blanket. As corporate attire, it looks classic and elegant.

Switch Frocks Often

Wearing a frock and switching it with other frocks can anchor an entire outfit. So if you have a pair of tights, boots, and a coat, all you need to do is to add some colorful frocks in your winter wardrobe. While going to work, mix it up with pants. You can also wear the same coat and boots to achieve the complete winter work look.

Never Say Good-Bye to Animal Print!

Though it is okay to follow the office attire trends, for instance, sophisticated yet elegant clothing, there are times when you may feel the “Oh, I look too plain” syndrome. This is when animal print shoes play their role well! Add these to your shoe collection and see the difference: your colorfully striped or dotted animal print shoes will compliment well with any winter dress.

Choosing your work outfit, shoes, and accessories reflect what you actually feel about your current job. You can maintain your on-the-job impression by balancing your winter dressing with professionalism and new trends. After all, corporate fashion affects your working style. Pick the one that fits both your silhouette and salary!

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