Simple ideas for amazing decoration around your house

September 30, 2018

If you are struggling with the decoration of your home, there is one thing that will help you a lot: focus on the simple ideas. I am not saying you should embrace a minimalist style or get rid of most of your stuff. Rather, I am talking about applying simple principles that will help you to enhance different spaces around your house. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Don’t be afraid to go wild with tiles

You can never exaggerate with tiles especially if they are nice looking. That said, try to fill the walls of your kitchen and your bathrooms with as many tiles as you can (all the way up if possible). By doing that, you will transform your kitchen into a stylish French bistro and your bathroom into a cozy wellness room. Make sure to add some of your favourite home decoration design pieces around those spaces for the perfect atmosphere.

Simple ideas for amazing decoration around your house

Make the most out of your living room mirrors

While mirrors are great objects for decorating your place, they can be also tricky to use if you don’t know some of the basics. For instance, if you have a big mirror or mirrored panels make sure to hang them in a place where they are able to reflect a nice view of the room (e.g. a fancy lamp or a unique painting). Also, a very nice idea for the living room is to get window-like mirrors with arches on top. Just by looking at them, you will fill more air running into your lungs.

Use tricks to fake the eye

Tricks are a fantastic weapon in terms of interior design and decoration. Some of them include playing with the height and extension of your rooms. For example, if you want to add height to a room, you need to focus on your vertical decoration while avoiding horizontal elements. Likewise, having low furniture will also allow you to create a taller room.

Along those lines, if you have a small bathroom you could easily make it bigger by replacing its shower curtain with a transparent glass door. Your bathroom will feel bigger immediately. You could even match the tiles of your shower with the rest of the bathroom floor for an even better effect.

Decorating your home is not always an easy thing to do. However, you can add little nice touches to your place if you take advantage of tiles, mirrors and little tricks that fake the eye. Hopefully, you will have some inspiration from all this. Have fun!

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