Should you dare to be different or follow traditional wedding themes?

September 3, 2014

There are plenty of options to consider when planning the perfect wedding theme. Going through every option in turn can be a great joy in itself. Considering too many options at once, however, without shortlisting them quickly enough will consume a lot of time and cause confusion. So selecting one wedding theme early on will make it easier for you to move on with the rest of your planning

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Wedding Theme Ideas

You can choose between simple and complicated schemes, monochrome or brightly colourful. Whatever you decide, the theme should be reflected in as many aspects of the big day as possible, including the bridal attire, mother of the bride outfit, menus, flowers, wedding location etc.

Here are few tips for choosing wedding themes:

Choose the theme based on colour

You need to decide early which colour scheme you would like to go for. The colours should then appear on invitation cards, flowers, decorations and bridesmaid dresses. The choice can come from your favorite flowers or the season in which you’re getting married, for example. You could also take colour ideas from your venue; look at photos of previous wedding held there and choose the colours you like.

Choose the theme based on happy experiences

You might like to choose a theme based on your happiest memories. For example, if you and your partner met abroad on holiday then you could base your wedding theme on traditions from that country. For example, if the country was Japan, then your wedding guests could eat sushi , the bridesmaids could wear traditional Japanese outfits and the wedding invitation cards could be decorated with Japanese symbols.

Choose the theme based on common interests

If you and your partner are both inspired by a specific era, such as the 1920s or 1970s , then you can choose your wedding theme to be the same. Choose cars and outfits from 1920s, playmusic from the same era and try to learn the dances too. If you let the guests know about the wedding theme in advance, they could also dress in the same way.

Choose the wedding theme based on the season

If your wedding is taking place in spring, you can have lovely rainbow colours reflected in the fabrics, decorations and food. Likewise, a winter theme could include silver and gold embroidery, winter foliage, hearty puddings and rich velvets. Autumn weddings will have tree inspirations and an autumn bride will wear a dress with autumnal tones with dainty lace overlays. A beach wedding would be perfect for the summer, with plenty of seashells in the wedding flowers.

Choose the wedding theme based on your own ideas

It’s your big day and you should do everything to make it special for you. Wearing a traditional white dress is not an obligation, nor a rule, so you can wear whatever you like. Wear the dress which suits your personality and which your partner truly likes. You may like to follow current fashion trends or hark back to the old ones, but see what your partner what would like you to wear and act following his and your own preferences.

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