Shopping The Prom Dress? Follow These 6 Golden Rules

April 1, 2013

While the magical prom nights are just around the corner, we have discussed the 10 golden rules to follow given by the style guru Sam Saboura on choosing the right dress for that big day. According to fashion gurus, one of the most common mistake done by youth on prom event is over-styling and over-dressing. So, how will you pick the right prom dress that will flaunt your look and style?

Prom Dress Girl

Prom Dress

Here are top 6 rules to follow while shopping for a prom dress in UK:

1. Say NO to Shiny Fabrics

Most of the time, girls choose satin dresses while going in big events and rich parties. And this is the biggest mistake they do. Satin flashes back the light and makes you look weighted.  In satin dress, the ripples and lines of inner wears can be clearly visible to others. Not to be outdone, stretch satin outfits bunch up when experiences bumps and bulges. Thus, it is wise to avoid shiny fabrics, rather choose a structured prom dress.

2. Sequins Look Good If Place Strategically

Sequins placed all over the dress may look cheap, instead of adding to your beauty. Pick a dress that has any kind of embellishments done at the waist or near the neckline and hemline. The simple it is, the better it is. Glitters should be kept only for the body parts you want t feature.

3. Asymmetric Necklines Isn’t A Good Option For All

If you have bigger boobs and fuller arms, asymmetrical neckline isn’t a good idea for you as it highlights one of your arms and shoulders. But if your bust and arms are of normal or medium size, this style of neckline looks fabulous on you.

4. Show Off Assets If You Have Fuller Figure

Often it has been seen that bigger girls choose floor touching gowns to hide their bodies. In stead, they should look for a dress that only skim their body but also highlight their best assets. Bigger women typically boast of good bust lines and great legs. Thus, a three quarter sleeve looks perfect on them; it cover their arms and looks cool.

These days, short prom dresses are in vogue in the UK. You too can show your legs by nixing the sleeves. And when it comes to the neckline, pick a v-shaped slimming neckline that flaunts your center line without baring the breast area. If you have a fuller figure, it is better to go for a clear silhouettes that don’t gather over bumps and bulges.

5. Ruffles Looks Great If You Have Small Bust

Ruffles add volume and thus looks excellent if you have small bust, or athletic body. It give a feminine touch to boxy figures and make them look elegant. However, if you are busty, this strategy will backfire.

6. Cut-Outs Are Not complimentary For Everyone

When you go for cut-outs, be sure to apply less make-up, keep the hair simple and choose your sandals smartly. If you have boxy or slim body, cut outs may make you look beautiful. Pick a short black evening dress for cut-outs and expose the best assets of your body to look sexy on the special day. But it may turn out to be a disaster for tummy rolls.

So, the next time you shop for your Prom Dress in UK, consider these tips.

Author Bio: Sherron is a professional copywriter and a great fashionista. She often shares her great insights about the fashion and design industry with others. With many of her posts, she helps girls pick the best prom dress in UK.

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