Sexy weird and wacky fashion accessories in New York fall 2013

May 12, 2013

If you are in an adventurous mood, you can easily get inspired by some of the sexiest weird and wacky accessories that made it down the runways. Check out the most bizarre fashion and the wildest beauty looks. They have definitely not been designed for the timid. The Runway showcased intimidating street style, scary nail art, falling models, unusual lip colors, unwearable hats etc.

Sexy weird and wacky fashion accessories in New York fall 2013

Sexy weird and wacky fashion accessories in New York fall 2013

However, there were some actual clothes designers who pleased the crowd like Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs. Free expression being the fashion motto New York fall 2013 presented a plethora of weird and off-kilter looks. Obviously an average fashion keeping person would never even think about buying Jeremy Scott’s “Big Bird” look.

The attitude of designers seemed to be focused towards making high level which has been so due to the people complaining about the terrible pace. Marc Jacobs clapped and made the sun appear, and then, for Louis Vuitton, gathered the supermodels to look as if they were skeleton structures with a thin covering of skin. It was unpredictable retro and unfitting display of a flop show. The sexual outfits were unfit for almost any occasion.

It was simple to draw out winners, despite of number of shows. Dior displayed nothing we have not seen from Raf from either Dior or Jil. He is not as revolutionary as people think. This collection is extremely salable, which is most likely the main reason he was hired. This is a collection that anyone could design. As long as someone has even a basic knowledge of Dior, they could design it. The pieces people liked though were just basic recreations of simple Dior shapes, nothing revolutionary. Hermès was beautifully resolved and wearable. Some collections stand out for being not showy or obtrusive, or, in the case of Lanvin, for denying taking the principles of a fashion show earnestly. In the case of Miuccia Prada’s show, the clothes artfully got beneath your skin. Women love Prada so they accepted it with all their love ignoring the weird and wacky parts of the show.

Narciso Rodriguez showcased unfailingly innovative designs which were ready to wear sexy styles. People enjoyed watching his design blended with warm colors. Poorly groomed coats of Philip Lim and Derek Lam’s funky sportswear can also be put into the category of weird collections.

Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the designer duo are probably the most hard working designers in the industry. They presented a rail of outstanding and unique designs and gave their audience a valid reason to stick their eyes on the Proenza schouler show. Curved jackets and coats in fabric with uneven knobby effect over modest, side-buttoned dresses are hard to forget. Rocha’s clothes were designed to sell and supported common sense of fashion. There was not much weird or wacky to see. Not to forget it was sexy.

In Milan, Ms. Prada knocked off her audience within the first few set of clothing. After that nothing seemed interesting. The Prada accessories were filled with images from Italian films and conflicts involving beauty. Sexy may be, wacky sure. High-neck bow shirts, chiffon apparels and a series of dark head wear were proudly flaunted by the famous Ralph Lauren ignoring the weirdness they contained.

Majority of the heavy head wears and dresses exhibited in the New York fall 2013 were weird and more suitable for museums. No doubt the fashion they display is elegant but is also weird at times. Lip colors are accepted ranging from nude to dark red or brown, but one does not know how to react at a green, blue or yellow lip stick worn by a model walking down the ramp. It is definitely attractive and people turn their heads around to notice but it is weird and wacky at the same time. Most of the clothes they design with heavy fur spikes or clothes branching out from here and there are weird and unwearable. However, the odd surprises in the New York fall were so weird it’s guaranteed to be tussled over by the blogger classes. One or two of those show-going semi stars were seen flashing sheer silk like fabric along with flower-printed sleeveless garment like a cloak but shorter in the past few weeks, are still being wondered upon. One cannot stop thinking- Why do designers go all the trouble to design clothes that most women wouldn’t wear?

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