Sexy makeup ways to look younger forever

April 5, 2013

Every woman on this earth simply want to remain young and beautiful, unfortunately this is certainly not possible owing to the course of nature. Women are seen tying loads of methods to keep their skin young and beautiful. However, most of these options are temporary and harm more than benefitting you. However, you could find a number of ways in which you could choose to remain young for a longer run without giving the side effects and retaining your glow and age for long. So, let’s check out some of the sexy makeup options, which can help you in look beautiful and young forever in the following paragraphs.

Sexy makeup ways to look younger forever

Sexy Makeup

Avoid the powder

As people age, they simply lose the natural glow found over their skin earlier. You could therefore think of taking resort to non greasy and lightweight powder, but at most of the case it never works. However, powder could simply entrench the wrinkles and fine lines especially closer your eyes over your face along with exaggerating them. Also, if you use powder over your skin, it can make your face look dull or cakey. Rather, you should choose a good lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer. This will allow your skin to remain even without actually making it greasy, thus end up shining your skin for long.

Apply a creamy pink blush

Unlike the powder the powder blush also make the wrinkles and fine lines appear more prominently, which could be seen after you age. This simply can simply make your skin look dull. Choosing a cream blush could simply add the necessary glow on your cheeks without actually overdoing the same. Don’t forget to choose the right shade for your skin tone regardless for having dark, medium or light skin. By applying pink color can give you a nice flush over your cheeks, which can help in retaining your youthful appearance for long. Make sure you use clean finger while patting with the cream blush over your cheeks just to avert getting the germs inside the skin pores.

Hide your dark circles

The dark circles below your eyes could come for various reasons including due to lack of sleep, age or heredity. These simply can make you appear older than your actual age. The dark circles can make your face look very dull and make you feel downward. In order to hide them make sure use a salmon or peach color concealer rather than normal concealers. If you want to add bight color elements under your eyes along with making your skin look young and nice use concealer along with a good corrector. However, make sure you use the corrector’s shade a bit lighter than your natural skin color. This will add new glow over your face and skin thus keep you young and smart for long by making your eyes look hot and sexy.

Take care of your hands

After your face, your hands can tell the story of your aging skin, hence these are supposed to be taken care the best. Make sure your nails are properly polished as it will help in making your face look fresh and young. Prefer having shorter nails painted pastel or try delicate or nude pink color shades, as this will also play a role in reducing your age and appear you young.

Final word

With growing age, your skin could become dull and with wrinkles. In order to stay young and beautiful, it is mandatory to take care of your skin with some of the best ways. The above are few important sexy tips to keep your skin young and charming forever.

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