Seven Spring Fashion Trends

April 30, 2013

With spring firmly getting its feet under the seasonal table, fashion-conscious types and trendsetters are turning heads with the latest looks of the year. For a peek at what’s hot this spring, here are seven trends setting the fashion runways alight.

We just can’t seem to get enough of floral at the moment. Not only is it currently ranking high in the interior design and home styling world, but it’s the must-have thing to be seen wearing this spring. We want to live, breathe and wear floral – so embrace this eye-catching style and go all pretty flowers this spring. It’s not just one for the ladies, either; for a current spring look, men should be seen wearing floral ties and subtle floral shirts.

The short suit
The short suit has been taking New York fashion circles by storm this spring, and the look seems to be heading for global stardom. It’s not difficult to see why. The short suit is functional, versatile and works well as office attire or for a classy night on the tiles. Choose from simple, plain colours to a combination of styles, patterns and fabrics to create a unique look.

Seven Spring Fashion Trends

Exposed midriff
Fashion-conscious bods are never really sure what to do with their midriff. One minute it’s fashionable to keep it under wraps and the next fashion dictates it should be on full view. This spring, it’s all about daring to bare your midriff again, so get yours toned and tanned for best effect.

Fashion aficionados may have turned their noses up at this lifeless colour in the past, but grey seems to be gaining momentum on the catwalks this spring. It’s the new colour to be seen in. It’s as classy as black without the starkness, but softer and more flattering than white. Grey shorts, a grey short suit or a grey sports dress are top of the style stakes for this season.

As the warmer months beckon, attention turns to what we can expect to see for eyewear fashion this spring. Catwalk trends are currently favouring big, bold and oversized sunglasses, with emphasis on fun and daring. Don’t just think black, either. Sunnies for this spring should be every shade of the palette. So, make a statement this season as all eyes feast on you.

Deep v-necks
Plunging v-necks that almost go down to the midriff make up one of the most sought-after looks for this spring. Fashion designers are filling catwalk runways with collections of attire sporting v-necks of capital V proportions. Team a v-neck top with a skinny trouser suit to add instant glamour and eye-catching appeal. Or, for an A-list look, grab yourself a plunging v-neck, slim-fitting dress.

Leather never really goes completely out of fashion, but for this spring it’s certainly making itself known as a hot favourite to be seen out and about in. Leather is great because it is so versatile and looks fab for any occasion. Choose classy colours and tailored pieces to pull the leather look off perfectly.

This article was written by Amy, a media graduate with a passion for writing, fashion and beauty. In her spare time she writes for barbour stockists, Anna Davies.

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