Secrets to Accessorizing your Summer Wardrobe with Style and Panache!

April 2, 2013

If you are someone who is deeply invested in looking good this summer, you’ll find that accessories are where it is at! The right accessory can make or break an outfit, and if you are someone who wants to look sharp, here are some fantastic options.

Smaller Handbags
When it comes to 2014 handbag trends, it seems that the designers are saying the smaller, the better! There are plenty of fantastically tiny handbags out there, and some of our favorites are made out of soft leather. Add a cute little dangle from the strap and you are good to go!

Summer Wardrobe with Style and Panache

Summer Wardrobe with Style and Panache

When you want to look just a little wild, why not add a fascinator to your outfit? A fascinator is a little bit of ornamentation attached to a small, slender headband, and you will find that this little bit of beading, feathers and flowers can help your outfit get that lovely “hipsterish” charm.

Rings and Lots of Them
For a few years there, we were seeing a lot of bare hands, but 2013 seems to changing everything up. Suddenly, plenty of people are wearing lots and lots of rings, and having one for every finger on your hand is looking pretty good. Keep this trend on the quiet side; don’t go for large rings. Narrower rings make your fingers look extra-long, and they are perfect for a rather chic, elegant touch.

Statement jewelry is still very in, so pick up a few unique pendants that you will really love. With all of the sleek textures of 2013, make sure that you consider glass pendants. Glass pendants are a perfect option when you want to add a dash of the sophistication to your outfit of the day.

More and more people are realizing that it is not one size fits all when it comes to their glasses. You can get glasses that match every outfit if you like. To add a bit of glam charm to your outfit, think about choosing cat’s-eye glasses with some rhinestones on the edges.

Though we’ve been seeing ultra-high heels for the past few years, you will find that the heels are shrinking a bit. There are more cuban heels and louis heels than ever before, giving everything a slightly vintage look. This is the perfect chance for you to show off how lovely your legs are as you stride confidently down the street.

Accessorize carefully, and you can have a brand new outfit!

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