Scalp Reduction Surgery – What You Need To Know

September 23, 2012

Scalp reduction (also called Alopecia reduction) is a process in which a receding scalp is removed with the help of a surgery. After the removal of hairless scalp, the scalp bearing hair is stretched and brought on the front side of the head. The method is very proficient if disseminated by a highly experienced and skilled surgeon. The process can be influenced along with hair transplantation in order to provide the patient with an excellent output.

For the process of scalp reduction, such donors are required who have heavy and thick hair on the sides and flipside of their heads. The entire process is carried out using a device named scalp extension device, which can be easily used to stretch the hairy area of the scalp to wrap the baldness.

Scalp Reduction Surgery

Factors To Be Kept In Mind For Scalp Reduction:

Before carrying out this process, a good discussion needs to take place between the doctor and the patient. There are a few factors, which a patient must keep in his mind before deciding to go for a scalp reduction surgery. Few of them are briefly explained as under:

  • The patient must be in a healthy condition.
  • The extent of hair loss must be kept in mind by the patient. If the hair fall is greater and baldness is spreading rapidly, then he must go for scalp reduction. It will not only remove the baldness, but will make the hair grow rapidly in the future. Another imperative fact to be notified to the patient is that he must undergo the process of hair transplantation if any need arises in the future.
  • The patient’s scalp must be flexible enough to be stretched. If its not, then alopecia reduction might not be considered suitable for the patient.
  • You must know if the surgery is good enough for you or not. The decision must be followed by a good conversation between the physician and the patient.

Technique Of Scalp Reduction:

Scalp reduction and hair transplantation can be carried out together as well. Hair transplantation can be processed after scalp reduction in order to provide a fine touch to the hair of the patient. In order to prevent a future hair loss, hair transplantation is disseminated after a few years of scalp reduction.

The timing of hair transplant depends on the will of the patient. Both patient and the physician require having a good understanding of the entire process if they want to achieve the preferred consequences. Moreover, hair transplant can also be influenced before alopecia reduction.

The adoption of different techniques of scalp reduction merely depends upon the above described factors. Owing to the above factors, the physician can suggest Y pattern, star pattern and crescent pattern surgery techniques.

The side effects of scalp reduction mainly involve puffiness, deadness and scarring at the areas of the surgery. However, these will reduce and eventually disappear with the use of medicines recommended by the doctor. Thus, getting a scalp reduction surgery is safe with minimal long lasting side effects.

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