Saree State: Types Of Sarees Across India

December 23, 2015

Sarees bring out the true beauty of an Indian woman.

Sarees are versatile, making them perfect for wearing to traditional functions like poojas and weddings, as well as for formal events like business meetings.

As an Indian woman, your wardrobe can only be complete if you have saress of different styles and from different states. Of course, it may not be possible for you to visit the length and breadth of India to complete your collection. Hence, a great alternative is to do some online sarees shopping on websites like

Here is a look at some of the most famous Indian sarees, that are not just fashionable but have also stood the test of time:

The Royal KanchipuramSarees

Kanchipuram traces its origins to Kanchipuram, a place in Tamil Nadu. This South Indian silk is highly popular across the country. The Kanchipuramsarees come in vibrant colours, with stunning borders in contrasting shades. The borders have temples prints, floral motifs, checks and stripes. When you drape it to a social function, be ready to be flooded with compliments!

The Rainbow BandhaniSarees

Bandhanisarees are made in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The designs are created using a tie and dyed method in which parts of the saree is tightly wound with a thread and then dipped in natural colours. Bandhanisarees are usually very colorful and bright, making them perfect for you to wear to casual and semi-formal functions.

Orissa’s Pride: IkkatSarees

Locally known as Patola, these sarees are also made using the tie and dye technique. However, the colouring is done prior to weaving. Ikkatsarees are famous for their smart prints, and some of them can even be worn double sided.

The Graceful ChanderiSarees

ChanderiSarees Pictures, Images, Photos, Pics

Madhya Pradesh’s Chanderisarees are made with a blend of cotton and silk. Meant for summer months, this saree is light in weight and has beautiful borders and butis.

The Bride’s BanarasiSaree

Everyone’s favourite, the traditional Banarasi, was first made in the holy city of Varanasi. This is one of the finest sarees in the world, making it a popular wedding attire for brides. These silk sarees have detailed zari and embroidery work with gold and silver threads. Banarasisarees symbolize celebration, joy and pride in every Indian occasion, and is a must-have item in your wardrobe.

The Versatile Tant

Tantsarees Pictures, Images, Photos, Pics

West Bengal’s Tant is perfect for just about every function. These muslin sarees come in a multitude of colours, often with embroidered silk borders. Tantsarees are especially great for Indian summers, as they are light and comfortable to wear. No Bengali woman’s sari collection can be complete without half a dozen of these. For everyone else, at least one of these unique and sauvesarees should be a part of their wardrobe.

The Golden MugaFrom Assam

Assam’s famous Mugasarees are naturally golden in colour, thus needing no dyes. The motifs and butis are usually stitched with colourful threads, adding a nice contrast to the base. You must buy this elegant saree, as it is perfect to wear to a wedding as well as to a meeting!

The Chic ChikanSarees

Lucknow’s most famous embroidery is known as chikan. History says that this style was first introduced by Emperor Jahangir’s wife NurJehan. Traditionally chikan embroidery was done using white threads on white cloth. However, now you will see sarees in a ton of colours. Simply choose your favourite one!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Just browse and you will find all these sarees and more. Happy shopping!

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