Safety Tips When Shopping for Kid’s Jewelry

November 23, 2012

Shopping for kid’s jewelry can be very challenging. After all, kids don’t see the value of wearing jewelry the same way their parents do. This is because jewelry can be very uncomfortable especially when they are playing. Earrings, necklaces and even simple rings could be cumbersome and irritating. When parents shop for kid’s jewelry, style is just part of the consideration. Other factors that are kid specific come into play such as safety and comfort.

Kid’s Jewelry

With the myriad of jewelry available today, making the choice could be very challenging. You also have to consider your kid’s age and what would be an appropriate design for this age. Babies and toddlers have more sensitive skin and wearing precious metals could be irritating. One good way to check your child’s skin reaction to precious metals is to let them wear your jewelry for a few minutes. Check for redness or any signs of irritation.

Nickel crafted jewelry is highly allergic to children. For safer alternatives, choose organic materials that are gentler on the skin. But pure nickel jewelry is not the only metal responsible for many allergies. Even precious metals with nickel could also pose health risks. Since nickel is the most allergenic metal, parents should check for nickel content when shopping for kid’s jewelry. Good choices for kid’s jewelry include wholesale sterling silver, Niobium, copper alloy and plastic.

Loose and dangling jewelry could also pose a threat to their health. This can cause children to trip while playing and cause an accident. This is why choosing an appropriately sized-jewelry is essential when shopping for kid’s jewelry. Most online-jewelry shops now offer custom made jewelry for kids. They create personalized jewelry that is crafted with your kid’s age in mind. Necklaces and bracelets now come in smaller sizes that could be adjusted as your kid’s grow.

Bracelets have always been a popular choice for kid’s jewelry. Sterling silver and birthstone bracelets are excellent choices for children. These are simple jewelry designs appropriate for their age. Pearl bracelets are good gifts for babies during baptisms or birthdays. Personalizing these by engraving it with their name for example would make this more special.

Four-inch bracelets are a perfect fit for newborn babies. A simple way of determining a perfectly fit bracelet for your baby is to measure their wrist and add half an inch. If you are planning to give this as a gift then purchasing a 4 inch bracelet with a once inch extender would be a safe bet. On the other hand, five inch bracelets are perfect for toddlers and grade school children.

Average sizes for baby necklaces should be 11 to 12 inches. Purchasing necklaces with two inch extenders ensures that your kid uses it until they are in grade school. Safety earrings are also ideal jewelry gifts for babies. Screw-back or safety earrings reduce the danger earrings falling out and becoming choke hazards. Safety earrings also have rounded ends that prevent the tips from piercing sensitive skin and causing infection.

Precious metals remain to be a safe choice for babies and toddlers. Sterling silver, gold and platinum jewelry are considered safe for sensitive skin. However, poor quality jewelry with high nickel and lead content pose a serious health risk. When shopping for kid’s jewelry online, be sure to purchase from reputable retailers. Shop for jewelry pieces which do not contain small parts and pieces. These are choking hazards and should be removed when unattended.

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