Quick Predictions for Oscar® Night

March 13, 2013

To keep this quick, I’m going to work from a short list of pictures, actors and directors from which to make my 2013 Oscar® predictions. There are so many nominees this year, but it’s obvious that a few of them have no chance because there are some real powerhouse contenders.

Let’s start with Best Picture. There are really only five films that have a chance for this award: “Les Misérables,” “Argo,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Lincoln” and “Django Unchained.” I believe that “Lincoln” is a virtual lock to take home the Oscar® because “Django” is too controversial, “Les Misérables” is too French, “Argo” doesn’t have the juice that the rest of the nominees have and “Zero Dark Thirty” is too political. Plus, Steven Spielberg is the darling of the academy.

Quick Predictions for Oscar Night

Oscar Night® America

As far as the Best Director award, I don’t think anybody but Spielberg will win because “Lincoln” is going to win the Best Picture award. Tarantino could win if he had been nominated, but the only real threat to Spielberg is Kathryn Bigelow for “Zero Dark Thirty,” which I believe is too politically divisive to win.

If you want to bet your house on one award, bet it on Daniel Day-Lewis. His portrayal of President Abraham Lincoln is the stuff of Hollywood legends. He’s won before and he’ll easily win again. There isn’t much point discussing it further.

I think Jennifer Lawrence will win for her role in “Silver Linings Playbook.” Jessica Chastain could pull off an upset for her role in “Zero,” respectfully, but Lawrence has had some big money-makers (“Hunger Games”) and some acclaimed roles (“Winter’s Bone”) recently, and I think she’ll be welcomed to the fold with a win.

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