Pram Key Features You can not live without

March 27, 2015

When having your first bub, you are overcome with excitement and elation of the exciting chapter that is about to begin. However, choosing the right furniture can be overwhelming for parents, as they all want the best for their children. Buying a pram is one of the most important purchases you will make and there are a few key features to consider when choosing this piece.

Excitement can easily take over when you are looking for a pram due to all the wonderful styles, colours and designs available on the market. Conversely, due to all these factors, it can make your choice a hard one. To make your choice easier, there are a few key features that you should consider, as it can be an expensive purchase.

First and foremost, safety is the most important feature when choosing your pram. Whatever pram you choose, whether it is a Silver Cross or Bugaboo, it should come with a certification of Australian standards. Do not consider a pram that does not have one as you could be putting your child at risk of harm.

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Many prams nowadays are light and can easily roll away due to their structure. To avoid this happening, opt for a pram that has easy to use brake pedals, as this will allow you to be in control of your pram at all times. Another great feature to reduce the risk of your pram rolling away is having a handle strap. Connected to your handle, this strap is placed around your wrist giving you full control of your pram when you are walking around or at a stand still.

Besides feeling in control, it is important that your child is secure in its harness. A five-point harness for your child will enhance their safety at all times. Other harnesses can make it easier for your child to slip out of and not to mention is much more insecure.

When you have found various prams that have all the right safety features, there are many other great features that you cannot live without. A pram with great under storage, like the Silver Cross pram, will be a savior when you have to do the grocery shopping with your bub. Reversible seating is another great feature to consider when choosing your pram. When your baby is small it is great that the bassinet can face you and you can see them at all times. When they get older, having your pram chair reverse will allow them to see the world and enjoy the scenery. This feature is usually standard on many prams, however it is always best to double check before making your purchase.

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For those long shopping days and outings, an adjustable backrest is just what you need. When your little one starts to get tired, there is nothing better than putting down the backrest and letting them have a snooze while you keep doing what you need to do.

Never underestimate these key features, as they are an integral part in helping you choose the perfect pram. Always keep safety features and all the other essentials in mind when purchasing your item allowing you to choose a pram perfect for you and your child’s needs. Having a list of key features will help make your choice easier and will allow you to spend more time focusing on other important factors when expecting your new bundle of joy.

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