Perfect Summer Party Planner Guide

May 15, 2013

Summer is around the corner. Soon enough you will be enjoying the sun, good weather, the company of your friends, good food and summer parties. Summer season is perfect for beach parties with light snacks and a good company. Whether you’re planning to invite your family for a nice BBQ or simply want to have a great gathering with your friends, several tricks and tips on party planning will help you in creating a great and fun event on a budget.

Perfect Summer Party

Perfect Summer Party

Go through the following tips to organize a great party for less:

Establish Your Theme

Identifying your theme can get you started on the planning process. It will also encourage your guests to think of their costumes. The theme does not have to be complicated. You can simply choose a particular color, movie director, TV series or anything you like. Try to include the party theme in your interior décor, snacks, games and a warm-up activity. Colorful posters, branded tablecloths, or branded cupcakes will break the ice and encourage people to mingle.

Location. Location. Location

Think of the possible party location. Everyone loves a backyard BBQ party or a nice picnic in a park. You can also think of other alternatives if you want to organize a more dynamic event. Find an open space for a small fee to accommodate the right amount of people. You can think of inviting a DJ and making an open bar for a reasonable entrance fee. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy organizing parties and would start doing it like a pro.

Snacks and Drinks

Think of possible finger food recipes: potato wedges, chicken skewers, dips, vegetable plates, seasonal fruit and much more. Small snacks will allow people to mingle and socialize. Go to a local market and get some fresh fruit and veggies for your summer party. Think of cupcake recipes for the dessert.

Estimate the number of your guests and consider buying enough alcohol for everyone. It is better to get more beverages than less. Warm weather calls for cold drinks. Get enough juices, water, beer and any other drinks you like. Maybe you can make some light wine sangria for ladies to enjoy the warm evening.


Depending on your theme you can create some amazing DIY decorations. If you wish to set a romantic mood with some light tunes, decorate your place with natural and decorative flowers, LED balloons, candles and evening lights. Think of lighting the pathways and the perimeter of your space. Put candles on every table and don’t forget to replace them when they go out. Lighting will add some special charm to your party.

A combination of light snacks, beverages, music, and lighting will create a special atmosphere for your party. It will set people in a relaxed party mood. There is no need to have a wild celebration; you can still enjoy the company and the chill out environment. If you get all the ingredients right, people will enjoy their time and will be talking about your organizational skills for a long time.

This is a post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a freelance writer and an occasional guest-blogger. When she is not working she likes to travel and do yoga. Besides this she is a huge runner and a health enthusiast.

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